The world of cinema occasionally surprises us with incredible gems. “Todo a la vez en todas partes” is a clear example, a movie that was not initially intended for commercial release but has become one of the favorites to win the Best Picture award at the Oscars 2023. This film is competing against giants like Steven Spielberg and his emotional film “The Fabelmans.” Here’s where you can watch one of the best movies of the year online.

Where to stream “Todo a la vez en todas partes”

“Todo a la vez en todas partes” is only available to stream on Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video. This was a clear bet by the telecommunications company for unconventional cinema. The film was not initially meant to be shown in many theaters, but its success changed everything.

The movie was released in Spain on February 3rd, and there are still some cinemas that have it in their schedules at somewhat unusual times.

Plot summary of “Todo a la vez en todas partes”

Evelyn is a normal woman, a Chinese immigrant in the United States whose life changes incredibly after an interdimensional rupture. This alteration of reality will make her discover what her mission in life is: to save the world. Wandering through infinite possibilities of the multiverse, this unexpected heroine will have to learn to use her new powers and defeat the evils that want to destroy the world. This is the work of Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, known as “The Daniels,” in an incredibly original film.

The film has recently been re-released in theaters because it was a completely experimental movie. Initially, it was only screened in very few American cinemas, but the reception was so wonderful that they finally decided to release it on a larger scale.

Later on, it crossed borders and reached other countries. The distributing company A24 usually focuses on films that are having a great reception but pose very different postulates. In fact, it was in charge of distributing “Hereditary.” Ari Aster’s film was a success among critics and the public, which is unusual for horror movies.

“Todo a la vez en todas partes” is a film that has positioned itself as one of the favorites to win the Oscar.

Thus, it seems that they are doing a great job of supporting less conventional cinema and have managed to sweep with this latest work. In fact, it has entered the ranking of the best films of 2022 according to Filmaffinity.

Nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars 2023

The Oscars 2023 are coming in strong. It is one of the years with the greatest dispersion of nominations in decades. Thus, there have been opportunities for a type of cinema that we usually do not see in the Best Picture category. You can also discover where to watch the films nominated for the Oscars 2023, as most of them are already available to be enjoyed from the comfort of our sofas. In any case, it remains to be seen which film will win more awards this year, but these are the favorites for 2023:

  • “Sin novedad en el frente”
  • “Almas en pena de Inisherin”
  • “Avatar: El sentido del agua”
  • “Elvis”
  • “Todo a la vez en todas partes”
  • “Los Fabelman”
  • “TÁR”
  • “Top Gun Maverick”
  • “El triángulo de la tristeza”
  • “Ellas hablan”

As can be easily seen, the nominees for Best Picture at the Oscars 2023 have been truly remarkable films but more disparate than usual. “Todo a la vez en todas partes” competes with a very interesting biopic like “