Standing out from your competitors with a PrestaShop site is totally possible! Indeed, the e-commerce platform has many modules (or addons) to integrate directly into your site. They will allow you to personalize your site in order to provide the best possible experience to your future customers. There are free and paid ones, but above all, there is one for all your needs. Discover our selection of the 20 best addons to implement in your PrestaShop site.

Reminder: what is PrestaShop?

PrestaShop, an open source e-commerce CMS created in France in 2007. It is one of the most widely used solutions in online commerce, which testifies to its very high quality. We often hear that PrestaShop is a completely free online sales platform, but that’s not really the case. Even though the software itself is free, you will probably incur costs to customize it to your liking . Indeed, premium themes are paying as their name suggests. For the many modules on the platform, it all depends, but most of them are paid. Nevertheless, the quality of the platform can justify this investment, which will be higher or lower depending on your needs.

What are “addons” (or modules) for your PrestaShop site?

A module or addon is simply what would be called a plugin on other platforms. It is neither more nor less an extension that you add to your site to implement new functionalities .

These modules are developed by PrestaShop itself or by its large community of developers . Like WordPress, we can also count here on a community that ensures changes over time.

Obviously, as PrestaShop is an e-commerce platform, the modules are very oriented towards this aspect. But don’t worry, the number of modules offered is such that they can cover all of your needs. There are some to manage deliveries, payments, but also SEO, GDPR, external integrations, etc. Don’t hesitate to look on their site if you have a particular need, there’s a good chance you’ll find your happiness.

Top 20 essential modules for your PrestaShop website

E-Commerce oriented modules

To simplify our classification, we have chosen to sort the different addons according to their “types”. Naturally, we start with the purely E-Commerce modules .

Boxtal Connect: the free multi-carrier shipping solution

The first addon is surely the most important. If you sell products online, you can imagine that they will have to be shipped. That’s good, Boxtal Connect has everything planned!

This module aims to help you manage your logistics with your carrier(s). It gives you access to more than 80 transport offers, home delivery, relay point, and even express . We find the most common carriers such as UPS, DHL, Chronopost, Mondial Relay, Relais Colis, etc.

The advantage is also the automation of order management. Indeed, you will no longer have to manually enter the orders, and the slips will be generated automatically.

It makes your life easier, but also that of your customers. You will be able to display during your payment process a map of relay points, an appropriate delivery choice and even after the purchase send follow-up notifications to your customers.

The icing on the cake is the price: Boxtal Connect is a free module.

PayPal: integrate the online payment leader into your e-commerce site

Offering a good variety of payment methods to your users is important. Today, more and more people are using PayPal, especially for their online payments. So much so that this solution has become the leader in its market.

It is therefore obvious that there is a PrestaShop module that allows you to integrate PayPal payments. This is the Official PayPal Module .

It has many advantages: increased security for customers and merchants, no bank card code to enter, fast and transparent procedure, and the possibility of paying in 4 instalments . On top of that, this addon is totally free!

Stripe: the best payment gateway

Stripe is a famous payment gateway, which is widely used in e-commerce sites. Quite logically, they have a free module to integrate into your PrestaShop site .

In terms of security and transparency, this solution is a benchmark . There will be a charge for each transaction made, up to 1.4% + 25 euro cents for European cards. For non-European cards, the percentage increases to 2.9%.

With Stripe, your customers will be able to pay with more than 135 different currencies using their bank card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and even other payment methods such as Alipay, SEPA direct debits, Bancontact, etc.

Drive and Click & Collect

As its name suggests, this module will allow you to manage your store’s Drive and Click & Collect using a suitable interface.

Your customers will just have to choose the store, as well as the day and time that suits them, and they can withdraw their order. They will have access to different views: list of daily schedules, or schedule table for the next 7 days.

Of course, you can fully configure the hours of availability for the withdrawal of orders, as well as the days to display, the maximum number of orders, the duration of the slots, etc. In addition, you will have access to an interface that displays you all the orders to be prepared, for each of your stores, depending on the day.

Unlike the different modules that we presented just above, this time it will take a certain budget. Indeed, the first year of use of the tool will be charged $167.99 excluding VAT, then $48 per year. If you are a very small structure, it can be scary, but it is an opportunity to consider. Finally, if we divide on a monthly basis, the first year costs you only $14 excluding tax per month ($4 per month for the following years).

Doofinder: the best search engine for Prestashop

The integration of a search engine in an online sales site may seem secondary, but it is a feature with great potential, especially for your sales . In fact, PrestaShop already presents a search engine natively, but the latter is more than weak, especially if we compare it to a module like DooFinder .

The objectives of a module like this are multiple:

  • Improve the user experience: your customers will be able to find the product they are looking for in a few seconds and save themselves tedious navigation on the site. This observation is all the more true for a site that has several hundred references.
  • Increase conversions and therefore sales: by offering a fluid and reliable search, the DooFinder search engine will find an answer to 99% of queries. Indeed, its algorithm manages to correct spelling mistakes, to do auto-completion and it is even possible to add image or voice search.

In addition to that, it is a tool that can be used completely free of charge, so it is impossible to do without it!

Mail Alerts & Product out of stock: emails and number of requests

An important issue of online commerce concerns the management of stocks and in particular stock shortages. If a potential customer is totally seduced by your product and it is out of stock, he will then turn to a site that sells a close alternative. But, if you offer to send him a notification as soon as the product comes back in stock, you limit the chances of leaving with the competition.

It is exactly to this problem that these 2 non-stock product management modules respond. The first, Mail Alerts, allows users to receive alerts for when products are back in stock. The second, product out of stock: emails and number of requests, allows to exploit the commercial potential of this event. Indeed, with this one, you will be able to retrieve the number of people who have activated the alert, as well as their email addresses. You will therefore be able to adjust the quantity of supplier orders according to requests and send personalized communication to people who have activated the alert.

Mail Alerts is free, but it will cost $97.99 the first year and then $28 per year for the second.

External integration modules

Maybe in addition to selling on PrestaShop, you use or want to use other channels to increase your sales. The ideal would be for you to centralize everything in a single tool, in order to manage it all much more easily. Discover these 3 plugins that will help you integrate external e-commerce solutions / platforms .

Cdiscount Marketplace

Cdiscount is the French market leader. Selling on this platform can be a good idea to increase your visibility, and exploit a new sales channel.

Thanks to the Cdiscount Marketplace module, you will be able to manage your catalog, your prices, your stocks and your orders directly in PrestaShop. This is ideal for centralizing all of your sales channels.

It is possible to export your PrestaShop products directly into Cdiscount, which greatly facilitates the creation of product sheets. As soon as you change the price or stock information in PrestaShop, it will also update on their home side.

Orders will even arrive directly in your PrestaShop back office.

All this has a price. Indeed, it will be necessary to count 251.99 $ HT for the first year, then 72 $ for the following ones.

Amazon Marketplace

The Amazon Marketplace module has more or less the same objective as that of Cdiscount. The difference is obviously that this is the number 1 e-commerce platform in the world: Amazon.

As on the previous addon, you will be able to centralize everything in the heart of your PrestaShop interface: stock, orders, etc. It is not necessarily easy to set up but customer support can accompany you without worries.

Amazon Marketplace for PrestaShop

This module costs $279.99 excluding VAT for the first year, and $80 for those that follow. When you know the number of fees that Amazon already applies to its sellers, it is obviously a shame to add one more.

Google Merchant Center: your Google Ads and Shopping ally

Thanks to the Google Merchant Center module, you will be able to highlight your products using the various tools of Google Ads and Google Shopping. It is a distribution channel that should not be overlooked for your brand.

In concrete terms, you will be able to manage your Shopping, Search and Display network campaigns directly from PrestaShop . Of course, this will not necessarily make your ads the best in the world, but the working process is made easier.

Google Merchant Center extension for PrestaShop

There’s even a Pro version of the mod, which gives you more control and advanced features.

The basic addon costs $181.99 excluding VAT in the first year and then $52 per year. For the Pro version, we go to $251.99 excluding tax then $72.

Contact addons

Let’s now see addons that are oriented towards contact and relationship between you and your potential customers.

Smartsupp: live chat and chatbots

Integrating a live chat or a chat bot into your website to answer user questions is becoming increasingly popular. It’s a good initiative to give a little “more human” to your sales process . This creates interaction and indirectly optimizes the conversion rate.

Smartsupp will allow you to add all this to your PrestaShop site! Indeed, with this module you can integrate:

  • Live chat, email or Messenger chats
  • A chatbot : the robot is responsible for answering questions that are frequently asked to transmit information 24 hours a day to visitors to your site
  • Video recordings : you can observe how users browse your online sales site. This is useful for optimizing your sales funnel and improving ergonomics, for example.

Smartsupp of course has the advantage of centralizing these 3 types of very complementary functionalities. It allows you to interact directly with visitors to your site, when you follow their journey. In addition to that, this tool is fully in line with the GDPR, the data is stored in the EU and the laws are respected.

Smartsupp: live chat and chatbots for PrestaShop

In France, more than 3,000 e-commerce stores have already opted for this solution, which is totally free.

Contact Form Ultimate: form creation

Another way to contact your prospects online is of course the form. The Contact Form Ultimate module gives you the possibility to manage all this.

Indeed, thanks to its Drag and Drop form generator, you will be able to create an unlimited number of forms. All you have to do is add the different input fields you want by drag and drop, wherever you want on your PrestaShop site.

Once your prospects have sent you their information through the form, you can manage them directly from the back office of your site. You can even customize the confirmation emails, and the emails that you will send to your database.

Form builder module for PrestaShop

You will also have access to a dashboard and statistics related to contacts created by these forms.

This module costs $69.99 excluding VAT per year, then $20 after the first year.

Marketing modules

Sendinblue: the most complete marketing tool

Sendinblue is one of the best marketing platforms today . It allows you to manage your emailing, SMS marketing, newsletters, landing pages, marketing automation, CRM, etc. The price is also rather advantageous.

The PrestaShop Sendinblue module is like this platform: very complete . It is indeed possible to connect your Sendinblue account with your site for free.

This will allow you to synchronize contacts between your marketing platform and your site, and to set up various marketing operations: installation of a chat, creation of reminders for abandoned baskets, creation of superb emailing campaigns and newsletters, retargeting, automate emails (registration or order confirmation, etc…), etc…

All-in-one Rewards: loyalty, referral and affiliate program

Rewarding your customers can be a good strategy to retain them and get people talking about you. This is exactly what the All-in-one Rewards module will allow you to do.

Not only will you be able to set up loyalty programs, but also sponsorship and affiliation . Everything is centralized within a single interface: the Reward account.

Even better, if you’re not completely convinced, the developer offers you a demo site so you can see with your own eyes how it works.

To take advantage of these features, it will cost $279.99 for the first year and $80 for subsequent years.

SmartKeyword: the on-page SEO module

Be careful, this is not a module that will boost your SEO overnight, it really doesn’t work like that. On the other hand, there are modules that can help you optimize your SEO and therefore, thanks to your work, position yourself well in the SERPs.

This is the case of the SmartKeyword SEO module . He will advise you on the optimizations to put in place on your pages to rank better. First of all, it offers you for each of your pages a score defined according to the target keyword . With this, you will have access to an optimization report for your site, in Excel format, in which you will be able to consult all the erroneous tags (too long, missing, etc.).

You may be thinking that we can do this for free on Screaming Frog. True, but SmartKeyword has other advantages. You will be able to manage redirects, do real-time tests, make mass changes to your site, and manage your internal linking with a master hand.

The price is $139.99 excluding VAT for the first year, then $40 per year. This may seem expensive compared to the features offered, but this is unfortunately the case with most PrestaShop SEO plugins.

Prestablog: the module to create your blog

To always attract more traffic, it is important to create content on your website. Creating a blog can be the solution to remedy this problem. Natively, you cannot create a blog on PrestaShop, so you have to add an addon.

For this, we recommend Prestablog . It’s not the cheapest blog module, but it’s really powerful . Thanks to it, you will be able to create a fully responsive blog and connect to the RSS feed.

It will take 97.99 $ excluding tax then 28 $ the following years.

Utility Addons

GDPR Compliant Cookies Banner Module

Data protection restrictions have become more and more important lately, and this is normal. If your site does not comply with European regulations, you expose yourself to heavy penalties. It is therefore important to ask for the consent of your visitors regarding the collection of their browsing data .

For that, you need a banner of cookies, and that’s what allows you to integrate this module. This is a module developed by PrestaShop themselves. Thanks to it, you will be in compliance with European requirements.

The cookie banner is fully customizable and responsive . The downside is that it’s not free. Too bad for something that is mandatory. It will cost you $69.99 the first year and then $20.

PrestaShop migration tool: the module to keep your site up to date

As you may know, there are different versions of PrestaShop: 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, etc… Currently, the most recent version of the platform is 1.7.8. To migrate from one version to another, it’s not that simple, you need a module!

Thanks to the migration tool developed by MigrationPro, you will be able to migrate all the data from your site to the most recent version . Your visitors won’t even notice.

The migrated data concerns products, categories, orders, customers, employees, discounts / vouchers, taxes / duties, pages and their parameters, shipping and transport conditions, multi data -shops, location data, customer messages, customer service, SEO as well as the various manufacturers, suppliers, etc.

Unfortunately, updating your version of PrestaShop has a price! The latter is $139.99 excluding VAT for the first year (then $40).

Page Cache Ultimate: speed up your online store

Having a fast website is not only a good thing for users, but it will also be good in the eyes of Google in some time. For this, on the different CMS, there are often cache extensions which make it possible to produce a faster display of pages.

This is the case of Page Cache Ultimate. For $167.99 excluding tax the first year (then $48), you will be able to considerably speed up the display speed of the pages of your e-commerce site.

BO Customizer: the PrestaShop back office customization module

You may not be comfortable with the PrestaShop interface and in particular the display of the various information on it. With the BO Customizer module, you will be able to customize the back office as you see fit.

This is an opportunity to optimize your efficiency on the platform, by creating a navigation that suits you as best as possible. You will also be able to adapt the interface to the information you need for your daily missions< /strong>. You will have access to more criteria to sort products, orders or customers for example.

Another interesting feature of this module: it is possible to export in CSV format any data present in your back office. This will allow you to conduct data analysis in the way you want.

Regarding the price, it will cost $83.99 for the first year and then $24 per year for the following years. The price remains reasonable when you see the potential for efficiency that it offers.

How to install a module on PrestaShop?

There is nothing complicated in installing a module on PrestaShop. You can achieve your goals in just a few clicks.

For the modules that are available directly in your PrestaShop back-office interface, it’s very simple. All you have to do is go to the “Modules” section, and search for the desired module in the search bar. If it’s free, you just have to click on “install”.

This procedure is not the one you will always find yourself facing. You may download it from an external platform for example. Normally this way you will get a .zip file. Still in the “Modules” tab, you will have to select “Install a module”, then “select a file”. All you have to do is choose the zip file to import it into PrestaShop. Then the installation is done automatically.

The procedure described above corresponds to version 1.7 of PrestaShop. It cannot be guaranteed to work for earlier versions.

Can we modify a PrestaShop module?

It is quite possible to modify the module of a third party. However, there are 2 things to know:

  • It takes a lot of skill. Basically, creating a module on PrestaShop requires a lot of knowledge and skills, especially in PhP. And, on top of that, you add an additional difficulty by working on the code that someone else. It takes some experience to calmly modify an addon on a technical level.
  • If you modify the code of a module, you become responsible for any problems that this will cause. Indeed, if you customize the code, the creator of the module can no longer be held responsible for everything that will happen with the addon.

Be that as it may, creating (or modifying) a module on PrestaShop is not within everyone’s reach. If you need it for your business, it’s probably better to go to an expert than to try to tinker something yourself.

You now know which are the best modules to integrate into your PrestaShop online store.