Assembled in France with a local carbon frame, Ultima delivers a 98% European electric bike with an ultra-powerful Valeo motor.

Manufacturing a 100% Made in France electric bike is almost an impossible mission. But that doesn’t stop various brands and initiatives from getting closer. Ultima Mobility is one of them, a young company from Lyon that we discovered at the Autonomy exhibition in Paris.

Local Focus for the Ultima Bike

The brand was founded by Jérôme Mortal, Brice Épailly (President of Caminade), and Didier Mennechet. According to Ultima, their first electric bike is 98% European and 90% French. First of all, and this is very rare, the frame is made in France. Unlike many bikes, it is made of injected carbon (as is the stem), a very light and resistant material, as expensive to produce as in Asia.

Ultima Multipath City

For the rest of the bike, it is almost all French, with Hutchinson wheels, Mavic rims, Zoom pedals, Baramind handlebars, and the Valeo electrical system. It should be noted, however, that the battery cells come from Samsung in South Korea. For the European part, there are Magura brakes and Selle Italia saddles. So what are the remaining 2%? Ultima tells us it’s the adjustable seat post, which comes from Asia.

A Bike With a Very Generous Valeo Motor

An open-frame electric bike, the base version of the Ultima Multipath is designed for urban travel, as it is rigid without suspension. However, developed in Rhône region, it needed some muscle for local elevation changes. The French e-bike thus integrates the monstrous 130 Nm torque Valeo motor.

We had the chance to try it out for a few hundred meters to judge its electric system, which uses a single-speed chain. The assistance is simply impressive, very supportive, whether in Eco mode, sufficient for flat terrain, or the Turbo mode, which delivers all the torque. Ultima adds Valeo’s “Predict” mode, which automatically adapts the pedal response.

ultima multipath chaine moteur pedalier Ultima Multipath E-Bike: 100% Made in France

The result is similar to what is found on an Iweech or the new Cowboy 4, with a leveling of effort. The downside is that the motor is quite noisy. However, co-founder Jérôme Mortal promises to offer the “Gen 2” motor very soon, which will reduce the noise.

The connected part is handled by the Valeo or Ultima app, with the ability to lock assistance or track your bike via GPS in case of theft. This tracker is available for purchase at $249 with a 2-year subscription.

Cargo and long-range versions available

Although recent, the Lyon-based brand does not stop at a single model. Ultima offers a family of electric bikes, starting with a “Long Range” version of its City model, with a 630 Wh battery instead of 530 Wh, providing 85 km in Turbo mode (vs 65).

A small drawback is that the battery is integrated but not removable. Other configurations exist, with an in-house “Trekking” single-arm suspended fork and all-terrain tires, a fork to transform the bike into a mini-cargo with a 20-inch front wheel, or a front-loading option with a tray or front seat.

Ultima Multipath Cargo Family

The French electric bike Ultima Multipath is already available to buy, starting at $3,449 USD. At this price, it does not include a kickstand, rear luggage rack, or painted finish (optional add-ons). The Long Range model costs $3,699 USD, the Trekking model costs $3,949 USD, and the Long Range Trekking model costs $4,199 USD.

For the mini-cargo variants, expect to pay $4,928 USD (tray) or $4,988 USD for the Family Cargo with a seat. Note that the bike is modular, with the brand able to switch, for example, between Mini-cargo and City configurations and vice versa.