with Instagram mode. Years later, the Korean giant is once again putting the focus on social networks, in this case with its Samsung Galaxy S22 family. Both the Samsung Galaxy S22 and the S22+ and S22 Ultra will integrate native camera functions in Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat. While the problem of compression when uploading files is still something inherent to Android, this is a good way to make the loss of quality not so noticeable.

The best camera functions of the S22, Snapchat and Instagram Quality Photos

S22Samsung is going to collaborate with TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat to integrate the native functions of its camera in the camera of these social networks. We will be able to use night mode directly on the RRSS something that, until now, was not possible with any other phone.

The telephoto lens will also be integrated, so we will change sensor when zooming. When opening the Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat camera, we will have several of the native functions of the Samsung camera app Samsung’s own portrait mode algorithms will also be applied (not those of Instagram or Snapchat, which are quite bad), as well as Samsung’s autofocus system, a very important improvement when recording video from the camera of any of these applications. This improvement will come natively, so just open any of these apps to enjoy the integrated functions.

The positive side is that when uploading content we will have extra tools compared to other phones, especially in video recording with native portrait and autofocus, crucial to improve the final quality. On the other hand, compression in Android is still aggressive and, when uploading videos and photos, there will still be some loss of quality. However, this is an important integration that will make the S22 devices more focused on content creation.