Have you ever heard strange and unfamiliar sounds coming from your car while driving? These sounds could be announcing an imminent failure of parts that your car’s information system is unable to detect. A start-up called V2M (short for “vehicle-to-maintenance”) has found a solution to this problem by creating a system that listens to and identifies the cause of suspicious car sounds.

The V2M system works by placing two electroacoustic detection modules under the front and rear of the car. These modules are connected to a control unit that records any suspicious creaking or banging noises. The sounds are then transformed into digital signals and sent to the company’s server to be analyzed by an AI with an impeccable ear for sound and an experienced mechanic’s talent for diagnosing car problems. Rather than waiting for a big bang, the AI directs the driver to a garage via a dedicated application.

A mechanic-music lover AI

The system can also send alerts to the car’s information system, the manufacturer, or fleet operators. As for the system’s acoustic capabilities, it can recognize wear on bearings, certain joints and boots, and distribution rollers at the end of their lifespan, as well as problems with belt tension. V2M is still working to teach the AI to identify problematic suspension sounds. The process is valid for all types of vehicles, whether powered by a combustion engine or electric motor. The prototype of this system was tested on a Tesla, but Ferrari could also be interested in V2M system, despite the Italian automaker’s reputation for being loud.

In conclusion, V2M’s innovative system can provide a new way for car owners to stay on top of vehicle maintenance and avoid costly repairs. The system’s AI is capable of identifying various car problems through sound, and can direct drivers to the appropriate repair facilities.