CoolGeek, a Hong Kong-based design studio, has created a retro-styled record spinner that aims to put your vinyl collection on display and bring a touch of nostalgia to any room. Despite predictions that the Compact Disc would sound the death knell for vinyl in the early 1980s, the format has not only survived, but sales are on the rise.

The VS-01 record spinner is designed to be a stylish addition to any room, even when not playing records. The acrylic platter has been UV-printed with eye-catching ink splash designs, and the unit features a NIDEC silent high-speed motor and state-of-the-art closed-loop control technology for 33 and 45 rpm playback speeds. Users manually raise and lower the carbon fiber tonearm, which ends in an Ortofon OM 5E cartridge, but the system does feature an auto stop when the stylus reaches the end groove.

CoolGeek is hoping to replicate the success of its CS-01 all-in-one music system on Kickstarter and bring the nostalgia of vinyl to more music lovers. With its retro design and modern technology, the VS-01 record spinner is a perfect blend of past and present.

VS-01: CoolGeek's Stylish Carbon Fiber Turntable

VS-01: CoolGeek’s Stylish Carbon Fiber Turntable

It features a built-in sound system with 5-W tweeters and a 30-W mid-bass thumper, powered by a 30-W + 30-W amplifier, that delivers high-quality audio.

The VS-01 also has Bluetooth 5.0 built-in, allowing users to connect wirelessly to headphones or speakers, and it even functions as a Bluetooth speaker itself. Additionally, it has line-out ports for connecting to hi-fi gear. The chassis sits on vibration-dampening conical feet and two dampening systems help to reduce any minute shakes. Volume and system control is handled by one back-illuminated knob to the right of the retro speaker grille.

The VS-01 is currently available on Kickstarter with pledges starting at $599. If the campaign is successful, shipping is estimated to begin in March. The VS-01 stands out for its unique design and the colorful acrylic platter with eye-catching ink splash designs.