Xiaomi and Vivo are both Chinese smartphone manufacturers that offer a range of devices with different features and price points. Here’s a comparison of the two brands based on display, performance, camera, and price:


Both Xiaomi and Vivo offer phones with high-quality displays, including AMOLED and LCD panels. Some Xiaomi phones have displays with a high refresh rate for smoother scrolling and gameplay, while Vivo phones are known for their slim bezels and high screen-to-body ratios.


Both brands offer phones with different processors and performance capabilities, ranging from entry-level to flagship-level. Xiaomi phones are known for their good value for money, with many models offering good performance at a lower price point compared to some competitors. Vivo phones also offer good performance, with some models featuring high-end processors and other features for gaming and multitasking.


Both Xiaomi and Vivo offer phones with excellent camera performance. Xiaomi phones often feature multiple rear cameras, including wide-angle and telephoto lenses, while Vivo phones are known for their advanced image processing and low-light performance. Both brands offer a range of camera features, including portrait mode and night mode, to help you take great photos.


Both Xiaomi and Vivo offer a range of phones at different price points, with some models available for under $200 and others costing over $800. Xiaomi is known for offering good value for money, with many of its phones offering similar features to more expensive competitors at a lower price point. Vivo phones tend to be more expensive overall, with some models featuring higher-end specs and features that may justify the higher price.

Vivo vs Xiaomi: Which Phone Brand is Better?

Xiaomi phones are good for value, performance, and have good spare batteries. If camera is important to you, Vivo may be a good choice. Vivo phones have poor daily performance compared to Xiaomi phones. If you want a good value package, choose a Xiaomi phone.

Xiaomi phones offer good value for money because they have the latest hardware, good build quality, and many sensors with bigger batteries. Xiaomi’s flagship configurations are generally cheaper than Vivo’s.


What is the difference in software experience between Xiaomi and Vivo phones?

The software experience differs between Xiaomi and Vivo phones due to their custom Android skins. Xiaomi uses MIUI, a highly customized Android skin with various features, such as Mi Share, Game Turbo, and Second Space. MIUI has a unique design and offers frequent updates with new features and improvements. Vivo uses Funtouch OS, another customized Android skin with features like Ultra Game Mode, Jovi Smart Scene, and Multi-Turbo.
Funtouch OS focuses on intuitive controls, customization options, and easy navigation. The choice between the two depends on personal preference and the features that matter most to you.

How do Xiaomi and Vivo phones compare in terms of battery life?

Battery life in Xiaomi and Vivo phones may vary depending on the specific model, capacity, and usage. Generally, Xiaomi phones have a reputation for providing good battery life, thanks to their power-efficient hardware and software optimizations. Many Xiaomi models come with large batteries, which can last a full day or more with moderate use.
Vivo phones also offer good battery life, although some models may not last as long as their Xiaomi counterparts. Fast charging capabilities are available in both brands, ensuring quick top-ups when needed.

How do Xiaomi and Vivo’s after-sales services compare?

Both Xiaomi and Vivo provide after-sales support, including warranty services, software updates, and customer care. The quality of after-sales service may vary depending on your location and the availability of service centers. Xiaomi has a more extensive global presence, which may result in better after-sales support in some regions.
It’s essential to research the availability of service centers and customer support in your area before choosing between the two brands.

Are Xiaomi and Vivo phones compatible with international networks?

Xiaomi and Vivo phones are generally compatible with international networks, but it’s crucial to check the specific model and its supported bands before purchasing. Some models may not support certain network frequencies, leading to compatibility issues with specific carriers. It’s best to verify the supported bands of a particular model and compare them with the network frequencies used by your carrier.

What factors should I consider when choosing between a Xiaomi and Vivo phone?

When choosing between a Xiaomi and Vivo phone, consider factors such as your budget, desired features, software experience, and after-sales support. Xiaomi phones are generally known for their value for money, offering good performance and features at competitive prices. Vivo phones often have advanced camera capabilities and a focus on design aesthetics.
The software experience will also differ between the two brands due to their custom Android skins. It’s essential to compare specific models and their features to determine which brand and phone best align with your needs and preferences.