Tattoo artists today rely on a variety of software applications to improve their craft, including those designed specifically for tattooing.

Common apps used by tattoo artists include software packages such as Inkscape and GIMP, management tools like TattooTailor and TattooMe, and specialized ink mixing and shading tools like Tattoo Ink Master.

By using these applications, tattoo artists are not only able to create beautiful pieces of artwork, but they can also design and track tattooing jobs, store customer data, and generally improve their efficiency and performance.

Digital Artwork Software (Inkscape and GIMP)

Inkscape and GIMP are two of the most popular software packages for creating digital artwork. These applications have become the go-to solution for professionals and amateurs alike.

Inkscape is a vector graphics editor, and by using it, tattoo artists can easily create intricate tribal patterns, portrait designs, or any other complex tattoo design.

GIMP is a bitmap image editor and is more suited for producing realistic shading, color blending, and other more photo-realistic tattoo designs.

Both applications are free, easy to use, and provide almost limitless possibilities.

Tattoo Management Solutions (TattooTailor and TattooMe)

TattooTailor and TattooMe are two popular tattoo management solutions. These applications give tattoo artists a way to track their work and quickly manage customer data.

TattooTailor is a web-based application and allows tattoo artists to easily access customer information and store files online.

TattooMe is a mobile application available on both iOS and Android devices, which makes it easy to track and manage customers, book appointments, and even send invoices.

Both applications help save time for tattoo artists and keep them organized.

AI-Powered Tattoo Artists App (Tattoo Ink Master)

Tattoo Ink Master is a specialized app dedicated to helping tattoo artists create their own custom inks. The app uses an AI-powered algorithm to analyze artwork and provide the best possible ink color matches. It also allows users to mix and experiment with various custom color palettes and shades. By having their own custom inks, tattoo artists are able to create more vibrant and life-like tattoos and be more creative in their work.

Best Apps Do Tattoo Artist Use

Looking for tattoo inspiration? These free apps for Android can help you find the perfect design for your body art:


One of the most popular apps for tattoo design ideas, Inkhunter uses augmented reality to allow you to preview a tattoo in real-time and try it on any body part. The app offers a variety of fonts, realistic pictures, and abstract patterns in different colors.


This app provides access to portfolios of famous tattoo artists from around the world. It also includes a gallery of tattoo designs divided into different categories and styles. Users can create their own portfolio and upload their designs to share with the community.

Tattoo Design HD

A newer app on the market, Tattoo Design HD offers a free search through over 1,000 high-resolution design collections. The app updates its catalog weekly with the latest trends across the globe.

Tattoo My Photo

While lacking augmented reality, this app allows users to create their own tattoo design, change the color, size, and transparency of the tattoo, and share it on social media. It’s an easy-to-use, budget-friendly option for tattoo artists and clients alike.

Tattoo Fonts

This app allows users to test out different fonts for written tattoos by typing their sentence and testing out any font. The fonts you like can be added to your “Favorites” for future reference.


A community for artists and tattoo fans, Inksquad allows users to show off their work and connect with potential clients and other tattoo artists. The app offers a location service to find the nearest parlors available.

Tattoo Maker

With a gallery of preset designs and an option to upload your own, Tattoo Maker allows users to modify designs by changing their shape, size, or color. The app is free to use and doesn’t require registration.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration or designing your own tattoo, these free apps for Android have you covered.


What apps do tattoo artist use?

Tattoo artists often use apps such as Tattoo Prodigy, Bamboo Pens and Coilstencils to create stencils of designs and to keep track of their clients’ collections of tattoos.

Are there any other apps used by tattoo artists?

Yes, there are other apps used by tattoo artists to help them with their work, such as Inkstincts, which allows them to share their artwork and collection with peers, and Inked, which helps them to stay organized and up to date on the latest trends in the industry.

Are there apps specifically for designing tattoos?

Yes, there are apps such as InkHunter and Tattoo Prodigy that allow tattoo artists to design and visualize tattoos before putting them on skin. InkHunter even has an augmented reality feature that allows you to preview the tattoo in 3D on your own body.

What software do tattoo artists use?

Tattoo artists typically use design programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and CorelDRAW to create tattoo designs. Some artists also use specialized tattoo software for certain tasks, such as creating stencils, managing their portfolios, or booking customers.

What software do tattoo artists use to design tattoos?

Tattoo artists commonly use drawing software such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, as well as custom tattoo design software such as Tatline, InkLab, and Inkstruck. Tattoo artists can also use vector drawing software such as Inkscape and CorelDRAW to create their designs.