If you’ve found yourself furrowing your brow at the mystery that is Snapchat slang, we’re here to clear the clouds! Snapchat, with its trove of emojis, filters, and slangs, is not just a social media app, it’s a language in its own right. Today, let’s decode the frequently used term ‘DW’ and a few other Snapchat slangs that have left users perplexed.

The True Meaning of ‘DW’

‘DW’, the two-letter word that’s been doing the rounds in your Snapchat messages, is a sweet and simple one. ‘DW’ primarily stands for ‘Don’t Worry’, a quick way to put someone’s mind at ease, to tell them to chill out, to not sweat the small stuff. It’s a comforting piece of advice that can easily fit into any conversation. For instance, you might tell a friend, “DW about what happened yesterday.”

The versatility of ‘DW’ extends beyond Snapchat; you can spot this little acronym on WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Just remember, while you might come across variations like ‘d/w’, they’re pretty much out of fashion these days.

The Other Side of ‘DW’

Let’s not forget, ‘DW’ isn’t a one-trick pony. In the right context, it can stand for ‘Dear Wife’ or ‘Darling Wife’. While it’s not as prevalent on Snapchat as ‘Don’t Worry’, you might come across it in stories or posts about someone’s spouse. So, if you come across a post saying, “My DW surprised me with a birthday cake,” now you know they’re not asking you to not worry about their cake!

The Roots of ‘DW’

While ‘DW’ might seem like a recent invention, its roots stretch back to the 1990s and early 2000s when it was a popular acronym in online chat rooms and forums. The phrase ‘Don’t Worry’ became a cultural phenomenon with Bobby McFerrin’s hit song ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ and the digital world abbreviated it to DW.

Now, with the rise of instant messaging apps like Snapchat, ‘DW’ has become even more prevalent. Just keep in mind that ‘DW’ primarily means ‘Don’t Worry’, but it can also mean ‘Dear Wife’, depending on the context.

Snapchat Slang FAQs

What does ‘IRL’ mean?

On Snapchat, ‘IRL’ stands for ‘In Real Life’. Use it when you’re sharing a real-life event, a no-filter selfie, or contrasting your social life with quarantine life.

What does ‘TLDR’ mean?

‘TLDR’ is short for ‘Too Long Didn’t Read’, a way of telling someone that their Snapchat message was so long it disappeared before you could finish reading it.

What does ‘WB’ stand for?

‘WB’, or ‘Welcome Back’, is a greeting used to welcome a friend back to Snapchat, especially if they’ve been offline for a while.

What does ‘GTS’ mean?

‘GTS’ stands for ‘Go To Sleep’ or ‘Get To Sleep’, a common way to wrap up a late-night Snapchat conversation.

What does ‘YK’ mean?

‘YK’, short for ‘You’re Kidding!’, is an expression of strong emotion like surprise, disbelief, or disgust.

What does ‘MK’ mean?

‘MK’ stands for ‘Mm OK’. Snapchat users often use ‘MK’ to subtly tell someone they don’t wish to continue the conversation.


DW has been a popular slang on Snapchat for quite some time. You will often find users who use this slang on Snapchat to make the conversation lively. Sometimes sending whole words into a conversation doesn’t bring a spark.

This is where slang words like DW and the like come in. As mentioned in this guide, the original meaning of DW is “don’t worry”, but it can also be interpreted as “dear wife” because English is contextual.