Snapchat is replete with abbreviations that can confuse, bore, or even intimidate those unfamiliar with them. One such abbreviation that puzzles many is “HP”. In this detailed guide, we’ll clarify what “HP” means on Snapchat, how it’s used, and how to respond when you encounter it.

Decoding “HP” on Snapchat

The abbreviation “HP” on Snapchat does not refer to the popular technology brand, but instead stands for ‘hit points’ or ‘health points’, terms commonly used in the gaming world. However, it may leave you scratching your head, especially if you’re not a gaming enthusiast.

What Does “HP” Signify?

In gaming terminology, “HP” or “hit points” or “health points” denote the maximum damage a character or an object can endure before losing consciousness or perishing. Players use “HP” to inquire about the vitality of a character in a game they’re playing, helping them anticipate potential winners or losers.

If you’ve received a message with “HP”, it might be that the sender, possibly a gaming friend, is seeking your opinion about a character in a game. Remember, deciphering the exact meaning of “HP” can be tricky, and one could easily misconstrue its intent.

How is “HP” Used?

In conversation with fellow gamers, the use of “HP” is effortlessly understood. It can also be used in face-to-face interactions as a shorthand to question someone about a game character’s potential for victory or defeat.

For instance, in a chat with someone whose gaming preferences you’re unsure of, you might ask, “What’s the protagonist’s HP in Assassin’s Creed?” Here, the protagonist is a character from the game, Assassin’s Creed.

When to Use ‘HP’ on Snapchat

“HP” on Snapchat is primarily used to discuss the potential of characters in a game. Here are some instances when you can use it:

  • When curious about a character’s capacity to defeat or be defeated by an enemy in a game.
  • When wondering if a player can land a successful hit on the opponent, thereby decreasing their HP if the hits aren’t evaded.
  • When discussing the restoration of a character’s hit points using items like first-aid kits, food, potions, or by draining them from an adversary.

Note: Interestingly, “HP” is one of the few Snapchat acronyms that can be employed in both formal and informal conversations. Game developers, for example, would readily understand the term without finding it unprofessional.

How to Respond to an “HP” Message?

If you’re a gamer and are familiar with the game being discussed, you can respond by giving your assessment of the mentioned character’s durability.

The sender is likely interested in knowing if the odds of winning are high or low. If you’re not a gamer or haven’t played the game in question, it’s okay to express your ignorance to the sender.


While Snapchat is teeming with abbreviations, some, like “HP”, are exclusive to specific groups, like gamers. However, it’s okay not to know what it signifies, especially if you’re not into video or tabletop games. Importantly, remember that it’s a harmless term and not meant to offend. Armed with this understanding, you can now navigate Snapchat conversations with greater ease and confidence.