Snapchat is a well-known photo sharing and texting application. People have always been attracted to Snapchat’s chat for its vanishing feature. However, texting on Snapchat may not go so smoothly if you don’t know what the chatters are talking about. Has this ever happened to you?

Quick answer: HUB can mean “head in the air” or “husband”. Upside down means someone doesn’t know what’s going on and is acting stupid.

Snapchat users have been texting for so long. They can get lazy and create short forms for multiple words. It’s the same with HUB. Sometimes your friends can catch you off guard with their small vocabulary and even their acronyms. However, you should not be discouraged because it does not matter. You can always learn.

Do your friends use the term “HUB” often lately, and you have no idea? Well, raise your head because you are going to find out. Scroll down the page to expand your slang words.

Meaning of HUB on Snapchat

Snapchat has been the talk of the town when it comes to hooking people up and using free language. As you know, it allows you to get screenshot notifications and messages that no longer remain after some time. In this case, Snapchatters can also form slang from their most used words.

HUB is also part of the slang used on Snapchat hundreds of times a day. The meaning of HUB can vary in two cases, depending on who you are talking to. HUB can have many meanings in general. Yet on Snapchat, here are two apt definitions of HUB.

HUB – Head Up Butt

This translation of HUB is used in informal and piquant group discussions when people are chatting about others or making fun of their friends. The full form of HUB as the “head in the ass” is to give a reality check. Having your head up your ass means someone doesn’t know what’s going on and acts stupid.

People use the term HUB on Snapchat like; I think he’s become a HUB (head in the ass) since he got back from vacation. HUB, in this case, is an offensive expression that is used to talk about unconscious and stubborn behavior. To put it simply, when someone is a HUB they are stupid and inattentive to something.

Another way to HUB on Snapchat is “why is everyone HUB (heads up) on this issue”. This phrase means that why is everyone acting like that, they don’t air out a problem that needs attention.

HUB – Husband

The other meaning of HUB can be “husband” on Snapchat. People use this HUB short form when addressing their husbands. The next time you see a couple’s chat, you’ll know what HUB means in their chat.

In general, the meaning of HUB may vary from platform to platform. In other areas, it translates to different terms.


What does HUB mean in a computer?

The HUB is the central part of a computer system. Many computers are connected to the HUB, and they send information to other computers through the HUB and vice versa.

What does AMOSC mean on Snapchat?

This is a term used by people when they want someone to add them on Snapchat. The acronym AMOSC also translates to “add me on Snapchat.”

What does FFF mean on Snapchat?

The abbreviation FFF is used on Snapchat like crazy. FFF translates to “follow to follow”. People use this term to increase their number of followers. They will follow someone and, in return, ask them to follow them back.


It can be a little scary when everyone finds something hilarious in the chat. They respond to the message quickly, and you’re there mixed up. Well, you won’t. You’ve already learned the meaning of that fancy slang, “HUB.”

You don’t need to hold back when your buddies are gossiping or stating facts.