Instagram, the beloved photo and video sharing app that gained popularity in 2012, is filled with various abbreviations that can be confusing to decipher. One common abbreviation is “PC,” and its meaning can vary depending on the context. In this article, we’ll explore the possible meanings of “PC” on Instagram to help clarify any confusion.

Possible Meanings of “PC” on Instagram

  1. Photo Credit:
    “PC” most commonly stands for “Photo Credit.” It signifies that the person who took the photo should be acknowledged and credited. This is especially relevant on a platform centered around sharing visual content.
  2. Photo Courtesy:
    Another possible meaning of “PC” is “Photo Courtesy,” which implies that the photo should be attributed to someone other than the uploader, such as the original creator or source.
  3. Politically Correct:
    “PC” can also refer to being “Politically Correct.” This term relates to conforming to progressive political views and avoiding language or behavior that may offend others with similar beliefs. Given the prevalence of political discussions on social media, this interpretation is plausible.
  4. Perspective Correction:
    In the context of photography, “PC” can stand for “Perspective Correction.” It involves using a grid with six boxes to align and correct the perspective of an image on the X and Y axes. This technique is commonly employed by photographers and photo enthusiasts to ensure proper alignment.
  5. Personal Computer:
    While less likely, “PC” could simply refer to a “Personal Computer.” This interpretation may be relevant if the Instagram community guidelines or any related content mention the use of personal computers.
  6. Police Officer:
    In some cases, “PC” may represent “Police Officer.” If you come across an Instagram post with a caption mentioning “PC” alongside policing or any reference to law enforcement, this interpretation could be applicable.
  7. Preventive Custody:
    “PC” could also signify “Preventive Custody” or “Protective Custody.” This term refers to detaining someone for their own safety or protection. If you encounter news or posts mentioning “PC” in connection to holding someone in custody, this interpretation might be relevant.


The meaning of “PC” on Instagram is not set in stone. However, by considering the definitions provided, you can deduce its intended meaning based on the context. Whether it signifies “photo credit,” “perspective correction,” or something else entirely, understanding the context will help you make sense of it.

Remember to refer back to this guide whenever you encounter the term “PC” on Instagram to save time and avoid the need for further searches.


What does “PC” mean on Instagram?

The most common interpretation is “Photo/Picture Credit” or “Photo/Picture Courtesy.” It indicates that credit should be given to the person responsible for the photo or the original source of the image.

What is “perspective correction”?

“Perspective correction” is a technique used to align images both vertically and horizontally using a grid with six squares. This correction helps improve the overall look and professionalism of photos.