Have you ever seen “TB” on Instagram and had no idea what it meant? Well, you’re not the only one. Many people don’t know the meaning of all the different acronyms used on the app.

Quick answer: “Text Back” and “Throw Back or Throwback Thursday” are the most common definitions of “TB” on Instagram. But that’s not all, there are also other meanings, including the hashtag #tb.

I’ve discussed some exciting insights related to ‘TB’, so let’s take a look at that and find out where and why people are using this acronym.

What does “TB” mean on Instagram?

If you’re wondering what ‘TB’ stands for on Instagram, it might just be an abbreviation for ‘Throwback Thursday’, ‘Text Back’, etc. Every Thursday, users of the popular photo-sharing app post old photos and memorabilia as a way of nostalgia.

Another meaning of “TB” can be “Throwback Thursday”. It has become one of the most popular hashtags on Instagram, with millions of photos tagged each week.

Finally, the “Text Back” function on Instagram allows for more personal communication than the simple fact of commenting on a person’s photo or posting on their wall.

What does “TB” (Text Back) mean on Instagram?

The “Text Back” function refers to a feature of Instagram that allows users to send private messages to each other. When someone messages you on Instagram, you’ll see a “text back” button appear next to their name. If you press this button, a chat window will open and you can send a private message to the person in question.

What does the popular hashtag #tb mean on Instagram?

There are several reasons why people may use the #tb on Instagram. First, it can be shorthand for “throwback,” which means the person posting is sharing an old photo. It could be something from their collection or something they found online.

Second, #tb could also stand for “Timehop Bestie”, which is part of a trend started on the Timehop app. When you share a photo of you and your best friend with this hashtag, it also appears on your friend’s Timehop feed.

How to participate in Throwback Thursday?

Participating in Throwback Thursday is easy. Choose an old photo you want to share, add the hashtag #TBT (or #ThrowbackThursday), and post it to your feed.

You can also get creative with your posts by adding a short caption or story about the memory associated with the photo. If you want to be nostalgic, you can even post old photos from your childhood.


TB has several different meanings, but the most common are Text back, Throwback, and Throwback Thursday. Although it is difficult to say what a given abbreviation stands for. It can generally be assumed that if someone uses an acronym in text or an online message, they will explain its meaning within the context of that specific conversation.


What does TB mean in slang?

“TB” is a slang term that has several different meanings. It can mean ‘too busy’, ‘texting back’ or ‘hard hit’. It is a universal term that can be used in different ways.

If you’re too busy to do something, you can say, “I’m sorry, I can’t do that right now. I am TB”. If someone doesn’t respond to your text, you can say, “TBH, I think he gotta me.” In short, TB is a way of describing something less.

What are the most common slang expressions on Instagram?

Most people know that TB stands for “text back”, but there are other common expressions. Here is an overview of the most common expressions:

  • TBH – To be honest
  • ILY – I love you
  • TTYL – We’ll talk later
  • LOL – Laugh out loud