If you’re new to Snapchat, you may be puzzled by the multitude of acronyms that pop up in the app. One such acronym is “WCW.” But don’t worry, this guide is here to make your Snapchat journey easier by explaining what WCW stands for and how to use it effectively.

What Does WCW Mean on Snapchat?

Simply put, WCW on Snapchat stands for ‘Woman Crush Wednesday’ or ‘Women Crush Wednesday’ when used in plural form. It’s usually used alongside a hashtag – #WCW – and accompanies a photo, typically of a woman. This acronym has garnered more than 60 million posts on Instagram, further highlighting its popularity.

When you see WCW on Snapchat, it generally means the person who posted it is celebrating or admiring the woman featured in the photo. Interestingly, the acronym is commonly used on Wednesdays!

Who Can Use WCW on Snapchat?

WCW on Snapchat can be used by anyone, regardless of their gender, provided they want to highlight a woman they admire or find attractive. For those familiar with World Championship Wrestling, the acronym WCW might bring back memories. Although WCW on Snapchat could refer to World Championship Wrestling in some contexts, this interpretation is rare, given the company’s defunct status.

The Origin of WCW

WCW, or Woman Crush Wednesday, was coined in 2010 as a response to ‘Man Crush Monday’, often abbreviated as MCM. By 2015, WCW had evolved into a hashtag – #WCW – and was rapidly adopted by women worldwide to express admiration for other women. Although initially used for women deemed attractive by the user, WCW has broadened to encompass various uses, including serving as an informal recognition of a woman’s accomplishments.

When and How to Use WCW?

Although #WCW is predominantly used on Wednesdays, it can occasionally feature on other days. It’s apt for posts featuring women who you’d like to show admiration, affection, or praise towards. The sentiment behind WCW doesn’t necessarily need to be romantic – it can express respect or platonic love for the woman in question.

To use the WCW acronym on Snapchat, type #WCW in the caption before posting your selected photo. Feel free to add any additional comments if you wish.

Examples of WCW Usage

Here are three examples to illustrate how WCW can be used in various scenarios:

Example 1: Gabriel wants to express his love and appreciation for his wife on a Wednesday. He posts a recent photo of them together with the tags “#love”, “#mywife”, and “#WCW”.

Example 2: Louise posts a photo on Snapchat of her friend Jessica and her at their college graduation. Jessica has continued her education to become a doctor. Louise tags the post with “#WCW”, symbolizing her admiration and respect for Jessica’s drive and determination.

Example 3: Leo shares a post from a celebrity he follows on Snapchat who recently completed a charity drive. He tags his share with “#WCW” as a sign of appreciation for both the woman and her charitable actions.

Variants of WCW

In case the person you’d like to appreciate on Snapchat is a man, there’s an alternative to WCW: #MCM, or ‘Man Crush Monday’, a term that was, in fact, the precursor to WCW.

Wrapping Up

If there’s a woman you admire and you’re eager to express that admiration, consider using #WCW to accompany her photo in your next Snapchat post. Remember, WCW stands for ‘Woman Crush Wednesday’, but you can use it to convey your affection, respect, or admiration for any woman.

With this guide, you’re well-prepared to join the #WCW trend confidently and add a little extra positivity to your Snapchat posts.