On various online platforms, there is a range of myths and tricks associated with aluminum foil. For instance, one has recently become popular, stating that wrapping a mobile device, tablet, or other electronic device in foil may cause it not to function properly.

However, numerous users assert that performing this act does not affect their device. For this reason, the Android Libre portal decided to test this myth, and the conclusion was that some functions of the mobile device were indeed impaired.

According to the said portal, when a smartphone is wrapped in aluminum foil, it will be unable to receive calls or text messages. The GPS can also be affected, making it impossible to locate the device using Android’s system software.

For iPhones, the ‘Find’ function only displays the last known location of the device, not registering its current location.

The Peruvian portal, La República, explains that this happens when the aluminum foil blocks the magnetic field, as it is a conductive element.

In this context, when used to wrap a mobile device, the aluminum foil intercepts the electromagnetic waves. However, it also creates an electric field, hence with two opposing fields, they cancel each other out.

Instances Where the Warranty Does Not Cover Mobile Repairs

One of the factors that dictate the purchase of a technological device, especially a mobile phone, is the warranty. It’s not uncommon for these devices to have defects or issues that force us to return them to manufacturers for repair.

Nevertheless, when making the purchase, equipment providers often mention that the warranty does not cover damages caused by ‘misuse’, a broad term that does not clearly define the damages that could be addressed by manufacturers’ technical support services.

This term refers to uses for which the mobile device was not designed, as the consequences the device may suffer are not covered under typical damages.

Despite this, there are other aspects that the warranty does not cover, which require extreme care to avoid surprises when technical support is needed.

  • Water or Liquid-related Issues:
    There are people who cannot spend a minute without their cell phones, so they bring them into the bathroom while showering, or leave them near the pool while on a vacation. In both cases, the device is exposed to splashes or the risk of falling into the water. Even if manufacturers claim their products are water-resistant, certain conditions must be met, like depth, temperature, and the type of water (shower, pool, sea). It is always safer not to test if the device works underwater, and if there is a need to do so, special cases are available for this purpose.
  • Physical Damages and Drops:
    Manufacturers understand that scratches, scuffs, or a crack on the screen is not their fault, as these could have been caused by external elements or accidents like a fall. Here, the warranty cannot be claimed, and you will have to pay for the repairs yourself.
  • Phone Intervention:
    If the phone is damaged and needs repair, taking it to an unauthorized technician and later resorting to the manufacturer’s specialized service is a waste of time. You will have lost the opportunity for warranty repair. Always go to the provider’s stores in the first instance.