The Electronic Trade Customs Declaration (ETGB) is a top concern for export-oriented companies. Simply put, ETGB is the digital implementation of customs declaration processes for goods entering or leaving via air or land routes through postal or express cargo transportation. The ETGB document is a requisite form for micro-exporting firms to complete. The existence of an electronic trade customs declaration is essential for determining tax obligations and other duties in international trade transactions. So, what is ETGB, how is it prepared, and how is it queried?

How to Obtain ETGB Documentation?

To obtain an ETGB document, you need to submit an EGTB declaration to the logistics company that will transport your products. After the declaration, the logistics company creates an Electronic Trade Customs Declaration for your goods and ensures it’s sent to your company via email. Logistics companies retain necessary instructions along with your email address in their systems for ETGB operations. This process ensures that the ETGB documents for products you will send abroad reach you systematically.

What are the Requirements for Obtaining an ETGB Document?

Certain conditions must be met for e-export companies’ operations to be classified as micro-export. The Electronic Trade Customs Declaration is one of the steps to be completed in this process. Hence, companies need to consider two points when obtaining an EGTB document. Firstly, the company obtaining the document should have a gross weight of products to be exported that is less than 300 kg. The monetary value of the product should not exceed 15,000 Euros.

Companies that meet the price and gross weight conditions need to complete the following documents and submit them to the relevant logistics company:

  • Indirect representation authority certificate,
  • Information form prepared under micro-export,
  • The original invoice approved by the finance in Turkish,
  • Transaction invoice prepared in English or German for use in the country where the export takes place.

How to Fill Out an ETGB Form?

It’s crucial to fill out the form thoroughly to maintain efficient and problem-free operations. Therefore, you need the following information to fill out the ETGB form:

  • Contact details of the related person,
  • Phone and email address,
  • Tax number and office,
  • Exporting company information,
  • Bill of lading number,
  • Exporting bank information,
  • Type of incoming/outgoing goods,
  • GTIP number,
  • Quantity of goods, value of goods, and method of payment,
  • Details such as the number of caps, net kg, and gross kg,
  • Information about the finance-certified invoice or invoice number and date,
  • Origin of the goods,
  • Documents going with the goods,
  • Name of the purchasing company,
  • Address of the purchasing company,
  • Stamp or signature.

How Does the ETGB Export Process Work?

ETGB, which simplifies product transportation via air or land routes through postal or express cargo transportation, allows export operations to be conducted much faster. So, how does the ETGB export process work? We can list the steps awaiting you in your export process with ETGB as follows:

  • First, in ETGB export transactions, you inform the logistics company you communicate with that your shipment is a fast export shipment.
  • After this stage, you continue with the process by filling out the fast export document.
  • The officer who receives your ETGB shipment labels your packages to indicate that they are for export. Thanks to this label, your shipment can be delivered separately to the relevant people at the center it is connected to.
  • Once you deliver your shipment to the logistics company carrying out the ETGB operation, the responsibility passes onto them.
  • After your shipment is received, the ETGB document is prepared, and exit procedures are initiated.
  • In the final stage, ETGB documents are delivered to the seller, and the waiting period for the transfer process begins.

How to Query ETGB?

The inquiry process for the ETGB document, a digital declaration, can be conducted online. Those who wish to make an ETGB inquiry must firstly have cargo information about the package in shipment status. You can conduct your ETGB inquiry through the inquiry pages of the companies you have made agreements with using the cargo information. You can complete your inquiry by typing the bill of lading number prepared for the product into the box on the relevant inquiry page.

What are the Advantages Offered by ETGB?

The ETGB system, which opens the door to quick exports, brings numerous advantages, primarily time-saving. With fast exports made via ETGB, companies experience time and cost savings simultaneously. Other advantages provided by ETGB include:

  • Thanks to ETGB, you can continue your transactions without paying customs consulting (declaration) and warehouse fees.
  • The ETGB process does not require processes like power of attorney.
  • You can manage the process independently of paperwork and ensure fast shipment.
  • In shipments made with ETGB, you can receive the VAT refund for your cargo.