Microsoft Loop is Microsoft’s new bet to compete with Notion. Its goal is to become the ultimate app, not only among the best note-taking apps, since OneNote already covers that segment. It goes a step further by allowing you to manage databases, notes, reminders, all within a shareable work environment supported by AI. The best part? You can already try it for free on your Windows computer.

However, this is not the final app, so everything we encounter in it could be subject to change.

Microsoft Loop Features

In its use, Microsoft Loop is very reminiscent of Notion. It is based on a similar structure that divides our work into three: workspaces, pages, and components. Components are essentially what we add to the pages, whether it’s a to-do list, a quote, a table, or a database. The page is formed based on these, and we can finally move it to the workspace to collaborate with our colleagues. We can also use it individually, as profiles. For example, one for work, another for a hobby we have, and another for daily notes.

On the other hand, it focuses on making everything shareable. Thus, we can send messages to our colleagues or have a small chat with them, all from the same app, as they have emphasized not wanting to lose focus on ideas by switching between applications.

One of the main features is its use of AI. Microsoft hasn’t forgotten about Copilot, the new GPT-4-based experience they’ve integrated into all their apps to create an incredibly intelligent suite. Thus, the user experience is excellent, and it will suggest various functions to make our lives easier. We can ask questions, and Copilot will set up the page to make everything much simpler.

How Microsoft Loop Looks Once We Try It

In summary:

  • It is a note-taking and productivity app taken to another level, very similar to Notion.
  • It works based on pages and workspaces. We can have as many workspaces as we want, each for a broad theme or whatever we desire.
  • Its focus is on not losing the flow of ideas by switching between applications.
  • It will use Copilot, the advanced Office 365 assistant based on OpenAI’s GPT-4, making it one of the best ways to try GPT-4.

In general, this app has the potential to become an all-encompassing application. This will allow us to have an exciting level of control over the information we handle and the ideas we have.

How to Try Microsoft Loop for Free

We can already try Microsoft Loop for free, allowing us to enjoy its features before anyone else. Accessing this trial program is straightforward: go to, click “Get Started,” and sign in with our Microsoft account. Once this is done, everything will be ready, and we can use the app without any issues.

It is unknown whether it will remain free in the future or be included in Microsoft 365’s annual subscription package. What is clear is that Microsoft is making a significant push for AI and productivity.

How to Try Microsoft Loop for Free on Mobile Phones

Microsoft has announced that mobile apps will be available very soon. However, they have not been released yet.

The iPhone app can be tested through TestFlight. Although the Beta website can be accessed, it warns that it is full and not accepting more users. There’s no problem, as it will likely be officially released soon.

As for Android, while its arrival is confirmed, it is unknown whether there will be an initial beta program or if we will have to wait for the official product launch from the California company.