What’s the Best Way for Men to Carry a Cell Phone?

With mobile phones becoming an ever-present lifestyle necessity for most of us, it’s important to choose the best way to carry one. Here, we look at the best ways for men to carry a cell phone so you can conveniently and comfortably keep your mobile phone close while living your best life.

Dangling on a Loop

If you want your phone to look fashionably close, go for a phone loop. This is a great choice if you don’t like having pockets full of items and if you want to be able to carry your cell phone with ease. Simply attach the loop to the back of your phone and once it’s secure, wear it as you would a watch or a bracelet.

A Chic and Practical Cross-body Bag

Cross-body bags have come a long way since the days of fanny packs! Modern designs are stylish, practical and come with plenty of storage space for other items like keys, wallets and even your lunch. So, you can carry your phone and all your other essential items conveniently and comfortably in one place.

A Stylish Side Bag

Adding a touch of style, side bags are also a comfortable and convenient way to carry your phone and essentials. With a variety of colors, materials, and designs to choose from, you’ll find one that expresses your individual style. And unlike pockets, this option means your pockets are free of clutter and distractions.

Slip Into a Zippered Pouch

If you prefer to keep your phone close while living your best life, then a zippered pouch is the way to go. These sleek and modern designs are a great way to store and protect your phone in style. They are lightweight, versatile, and some come with pockets inside to store money, cards, and other items.

The Pant leg Holster

Looking for something more discreet? The pant leg holster is the way to go for those who don’t want their phone visible or easily accessible. This is great for athletes and those who are active and need a place to keep their phone for quick access. All you need to do is strap the holster on anywhere around your leg and you can keep your phone safely and securely out of sight.


So, there you have it. Our top five picks for the best ways for men to carry their cell phones. Each of these phone-carrying options comes with its own unique benefits that can help make your life just a little bit easier. Whichever option you choose, make sure it suits your lifestyle, needs and style.

What type of pocket is best for a man to carry a phone in?

A front pocket wallet or holster is the best type of pocket for a man to carry a phone in. These pocket wallets typically have extra storage for other items and are designed to ensure that a man’s phone stays securely in his pocket. They are slim, lightweight and unnoticeable, making them ideal for everyday use.

What is a pocket organizer?

A pocket organizer is a type of small pouch or bag that is designed to be easily portable. It typically has compartments and pockets of different sizes to store items such as phones, keys, stationery, wallets, and other small items. Pocket organizers are often made of leather, nylon, or other sturdy materials.


What is the best way for a man to carry a cell phone?

The best way for a man to carry a cell phone is to invest in a well-made leather belt holster that can be clipped around the belt.

Is it safe to carry a cell phone in a pocket?

It is generally safe to carry a cell phone in a pocket, however, if the pocket is too shallow or the cell phone is left in the pocket while sitting, it could cause the phone to overheat or become damaged.

Are there any risks to using a traditional belt loop holster?

Yes, if the holster is too loose or too tight, it can be difficult to remove the phone from the holster quickly or without the phone slipping out. Additionally, if the holster is too bulky, it can be uncomfortable to carry around.

What is the difference between a belt holster and a pocket holster?

A belt holster is typically a larger holster that is designed to be worn on the waist and is secured in place with a belt. It is usually more secure and provides more access to the firearm than a pocket holster. A pocket holster is designed to be carried in a pocket, typically the front pocket, and is designed to make the firearm easier to draw without snagging on clothing or other items.