Entering the world of video ads can feel like trying to find your way through a labyrinth. The central puzzle being, what is the perfect length for a video ad to make the most impact? In this article, we’ll decrypt the Liftoff study that offers fascinating insights about video ad lengths and how to effectively enhance your advertising strategy.

Why Choose Video Ads?

You might find yourself contemplating, “why should I go for video ads?” Here are a few compelling reasons to opt for video ad formats:

Extending Your Reach

The beauty of video ads is their extensive reach. They can be played on diverse platforms like online streaming services, social networks, websites, and mobile applications. With video ads, you potentially have access to an audience that outnumbers other advertising formats!

Augmenting Information Retention

Videos inherently are more impactful and engaging than texts and images. So, using video ads could improve the transmission of your message and make sure your brand lingers in the minds of your viewers.

Weaving a Story

Video formats excel in narrating a story, creating an immersive experience for the viewers. This medium builds an emotional bond between your brand and the audience, aiding brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Boosting Credibility

Well-crafted video ads underscore the credibility of your business. It conveys your willingness to invest in high-quality content, thereby bolstering your business reputation.

Tracking Ad Effectiveness

One standout feature of video advertising is the provision of precise metrics to gauge the ad’s effectiveness. Metrics like views, click-through rate, and watch time, can be instrumental in enhancing future ad campaigns.

However, to fully leverage these benefits, video ads need to be meticulously crafted…

Decoding the Perfect Length for Video Ads

Initially, it was commonly believed that shorter video ads, roughly between 15 to 30 seconds, would clinch viewer attention more effectively. But is that still the case?

The Liftoff study reports an interesting counterintuitive finding: longer mobile video ads, spanning 31 to 60 seconds, were found to be more effective in seizing user attention and enhancing mobile user acquisition performance.

Interestingly, brands observed an uptick in conversions by over 50% when they switched to these longer video ads. These results are noteworthy for marketers aiming to improve their mobile ad campaign’s efficacy.

For context, the Liftoff report analyzed approximately 1 trillion impressions, 24.5 billion clicks, and 240 million installs from 2022 through the beginning of 2023.

Crafting an Engaging Video Ad: Top Tips

Here are a few tips to make your video ads as gripping as possible:

Building a Storyline

Your video ad should be more than just information – it should narrate a story. Weave a storyline that accentuates your product or service, engaging your target audience.

Emphasizing Storytelling

Longer video ads provide a canvas to tell a captivating story that holds the viewer’s attention. Exploit this opportunity to the fullest!

Utilizing Engaging Visuals and Sound Effects

Visual and auditory elements are crucial in making an ad memorable. Leverage vivid colors, animations, and sound effects to hook your audience.

Incorporating a Call to Action

Never leave your audience hanging. Always include a call to action in your video ad, guiding your viewers towards visiting your website, purchasing your product, or any other action beneficial for your brand.

Interested in diving deeper into Liftoff’s study? Click here for the full report.

In essence, longer video ads are not just a viable choice but possibly an optimal one for those aiming to bolster their mobile ad campaign performance.