Are you excited to delve into the secrets of your Apple Watch? This article will guide you through the hidden features and functions that often go unnoticed. Let’s get started!

Finding Your iPhone with the Apple Watch

Many know how to use the Control Center on the Apple Watch to play a sound on your iPhone, aiding in locating it. But did you know you can make your iPhone’s light flash too? By simply pressing and holding the phone icon in the Control Center, your iPhone’s flash will activate – a handy trick for finding your phone in the dark.

Multiple Timers

Did you know that your Apple Watch can set multiple timers simultaneously? For instance, while cooking, open the Timers app and set different timers for each dish. This feature is particularly beneficial when multi-tasking.

Playing Chimes and Announcing Time

Your Apple Watch can play chimes on the hour, reminiscent of classic calculator watches. To enable this, open Settings, scroll down to Accessibility, tap on Chimes, and then toggle on. Furthermore, your Apple Watch can announce the time. Press down with two fingers on the watch face and your Apple Watch will speak the time for you.

Watch the App Privacy Report

Ever wondered about the apps or complications accessing your data or sensors on your Apple Watch? The App Privacy Report in the Settings app provides this information. If you find an app frequently accessing your data, you may wish to limit its access in the Privacy and Security section of the iPhone settings app.

Utilize Theater Mode

Theater Mode, accessible through the Control Center, is useful when you want to minimize distractions. It turns on silent mode and keeps the watch face dark until you interact with it. Moreover, you can put your screen to sleep and mute alerts by covering the screen with your palm for three seconds, provided the Cover to Mute option is enabled in the Sounds and Haptics settings.

Customize Your Workout Interface

The Workout app on your Apple Watch can be customized to suit your needs. For example, in a strength training workout, open the workout you wish to modify and tap on Workout Views. You can add, remove, or reorder metrics to tailor the display to your preference.

Save Music and Podcasts Offline

Using the Watch app on your iPhone, you can select which music tracks, playlists, and podcast shows to download onto your Apple Watch. This feature is useful for situations where you don’t want your iPhone nearby but still want to enjoy your favorite audio content.

Measure Your Blood Oxygen Levels

All Apple Watches from Series 6 onwards, except for the SE, can measure your blood oxygen levels. Manually check these levels through the Blood Oxygen app by tapping Start.

Adjust Your App View

Apple Watch allows you to switch between grid view and list view. This feature, accessible from the App View setting, lets you choose the arrangement that works best for you. Some users even organize their apps by color in the grid view for easier navigation.

Screenshots on Apple Watch

By enabling the Screenshots option under General Settings, you can take screenshots by simultaneously pressing the digital crown and the side button. These screenshots are automatically saved in the Photos app on your iPhone.

Unlock Your iPhone and Mac

Your Apple Watch can unlock your iPhone and Mac. By enabling Unlock with Apple Watch under Face ID and Passcode settings on your iPhone, and in the Touch ID and Password settings on your Mac, you can unlock your devices using your watch.

Record Voice Memos

Last but not least, your Apple Watch can record voice memos, proving handy for capturing ideas or notes on the go.

Remember, while your Apple Watch might not come with a manual, there are still countless features hidden within this small but powerful device. Exploring these can enhance your experience and make your life easier. Happy discovering!