It can be tough to keep track of what version your Minecraft server is running, especially if it’s been a while since you set it up. Don’t worry though. There are several simple ways to find out what version you’re running, and be able to make sure your server is up-to-date. Let’s dive in and see what we can do.

Server Console Output

The first and most obvious option, and often the go-to solution for most server owners, is to check the output of the server console. This output – which is available to view at any time – includes details about various server parameters and often includes the version you’ve got installed. To get the best results, it’s usually best to specify the exact version names or numbers in the server console command.

Server Files

Next up, looking through server files can be an effective way to determine what version you’re running. You may find information displayed on the web interface or on the main log files of the Minecraft server. Paying close attention to the file names within these directories should reveal the exact version you’ve got running at any given moment.

Using Commands

For those more inclined to using the command line, you can also determine your server version using a variety of commands. It’s important, however, to make sure you’re using the correct command for your particular server type, as some commands may not work on all servers. Once you’ve found the right command, simply execute it and the output should reveal the current version of your server.

The MCVersion Checker

For those looking for an even quicker way to figure out their server version, you can use a tool like the MCVersion Checker. This small program checks your server’s files, logs, and configuration to make sure you have the correct version of your Minecraft server installed. This can be useful if your server doesn’t provide version information in the console output or log files.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what method you use to determine your server version – as long as you can figure out what version you’re running. And now that you know what tools and options are available to you, you should be able to easily and quickly determine what version your Minecraft server is running. So fire it up, take a look around and get steppin’!

What version is Minecraft Java Edition server?

As of May 2020, the latest version of Minecraft Java Edition Server is 1.16.1.

What are the minimum requirements to run a Minecraft Java Edition server?

The minimum requirements to run a Minecraft Java Edition server are:

– A computer with at least 2GB of RAM

– A legitimate copy of Java 8 or higher

– At least 1GB of free disk space

– An Internet connection and acceptable upload speed.

What is the recommended hardware to run a Minecraft Java Edition server?

The minimum recommended hardware to run a Minecraft Java Edition server is 8GB of RAM and a quad-core processor. To handle a larger group of players or a more complex world, more powerful hardware may be needed. For example, a powerful dedicated server such as Intel’s Xeon E5-1650 with 16GB of RAM would be able to handle a large and complex Minecraft world.


Q: What version is my Minecraft server?

A: To check the version of your Minecraft server, connect to the console screen. You can access the console screen by typing in the command “/ver” and pressing enter. The version of your Minecraft server will be displayed in the console screen.

Q: How do I update my Minecraft server?

A: To update your Minecraft server, you will need to run the appropriate server executable file for the version you are upgrading to. Download the new version from the Minecraft website and then run the server executable file. The new version of your Minecraft server should now be running.

Q: What versions of Minecraft are compatible with my server?

A: Generally, your Minecraft server should be compatible with any version of Minecraft. However, you may need to upgrade your server if you want to play with the latest version of the game.

Q: What type of hosting do I need for my Minecraft server?

A: Generally, you will need a dedicated server or virtual private server (VPS) in order to host your Minecraft server. This type of hosting is typically more expensive than shared hosting, but it will provide you with more resources and better performance.

Q: How do I manage my Minecraft server?

A: There are a few different tools available to help you manage your Minecraft server. You can use the server’s built-in control panel, or you can use third-party control panels such as Multicraft or cPanel. Alternatively, you can also manage your server using command line tools.