Customers are more associated with brands that address them with some privacy and intimacy, and this is achieved through instant messages that are sent from the brand to the user directly, which is achieved simply by WhatsApp marketing.

WhatsApp has become the largest messaging program in 2022, as the number of WhatsApp users exceeded 2.44 billion in April 2022 , and statistics have proven that most of its users are between the ages of 18 and 45 years.

Marketing studies have also proven that most customers reply to WhatsApp messages a few seconds after sending marketing messages to them, which increases the likelihood of completing a business transaction.

Based on all of the above; The WhatsApp application has gained great marketing importance, especially after the release of the WhatsApp Business application, which is specially designed to communicate with customers. It is equipped with the necessary additions to showcase your business, and communicate with customers in a direct and effective manner.

Hence the need for this article, where we show you how to take advantage of this technological wealth to achieve your marketing goals. By the end of reading this article, you will be able to double your profits using WhatsApp.

This is where we discuss in this article a detailed explanation of the most important WhatsApp marketing tools and how to use them, and the most important practices that increase the effectiveness of WhatsApp marketing, and we will explain how the WhatsApp Business account works as well, and a lot of information, sources and ideas between the lines as we used to in the winners.

Advantages of WhatsApp Marketing

Marketing strategies through WhatsApp have proven very successful over the past years, to the extent that they pulled the rug out from under the feet of email marketing.

Marketing studies have shown; Customers are more interested in the marketing messages they receive via WhatsApp than the messages they receive via e-mail.

Most large and medium-sized companies have recently resorted to using WhatsApp marketing, and marketing experts advise; By including this marketing channel in the e-marketing plan for your business, because of the advantages that this marketing channel contains.

Which can be summarized as follows :

1. Increase customer engagement with business

Communicating with customers via WhatsApp adds some privacy and intimacy towards the brand, and marketing studies have proven; More than 55% of people feel a greater sense of belonging to the brands they communicate with through messengers.

And therefore; The use of WhatsApp for marketing purposes helps in maintaining customers, and thus achieving more sales and profits through them.

Relationships with customers can also be further deepened by sending personalized welcome messages in the name of the customer, sending birthday greetings, or using his name in marketing messages. Marketing studies show; More than 70% of customers interact with personalized promotional messages (that speak to the customer privately).

2. Increase conversion rates

Marketing studies explain; that customers reply to more than 40% of marketing messages via WhatsApp, as some studies show; Emailing the customer after making the first contact increases customer conversion rates by 112.6%.

This is because customers often feel annoyed by phone calls, especially when they are not available to answer the phone, so WhatsApp messaging is the best choice.

3. It achieves higher sales

According to marketing experts; Adding a WhatsApp contact number on a business website is a magic wand to increase sales, as customers trust businesses available through messaging apps more than others.

Some marketers think; Customers are optimistic when buying from brands via messaging apps, especially WhatsApp.

According to the opinions of these marketers; You can rely on WhatsApp marketing alone to increase your sales, based on the large increase in the number of customers who prefer to buy through messaging programs, especially the WhatsApp application of course.

4. Low cost of marketing campaigns through WhatsApp

The low cost of marketing through WhatsApp is one of the most important advantages of this marketing channel, as WhatsApp Business is completely free, which makes it a very attractive marketing channel for small businesses.

The cost of utilities – which we will mention later – is low, and suitable for the budget of medium companies, as well as large companies, and this cost is low compared to the percentage of marketing messages reaching customers, and the percentage of sales returning from them.

WhatsApp Marketing Tools

The first marketing tool via WhatsApp is WhatsApp Business, and this application was developed for the purposes of WhatsApp marketing, as it provides many features that the normal WhatsApp application does not provide, and some may need to use some other additional services and tools.

To take advantage of these additional marketing tools; You must first create a professional account on WhatsApp Business, and we will discuss how to create this professional account later.

The WhatsApp Business program allows its users to create something like an online store, where a catalog can be added to the products or services offered by the company.

It is also possible to add a link to the website of the institution, and it also allows adding the site of the institution on the map, in addition to a lot of useful features for small or medium businesses.

Among the most important features offered by this application; The possibility of adding an automatic and quick response service to customers. Marketing studies have shown that customers tend to buy from commercial establishments that respond to their inquiries faster.

Therefore, this service is one of the most important services that increase the conversion rate and increase the number of actual customers for the business. As for the auxiliary marketing tools, we address them as follows:

1. Sendinblue Tool

One of the most famous and most important global marketing tools, as it is a comprehensive marketing platform, sendinblue helps to integrate your different marketing channels.

The sendinblue platform supports email marketing tools, as well as SMS marketing services, and supports all WhatsApp marketing tools on one screen.

The platform provides a 24-hour support service to its customers, and the platform also provides a free trial before subscribing to paid plans.

Some may be satisfied with this free plan for beginners or small businesses, as the free plan offers 300 emails per day with the ability to customize the email template for ease of use, in addition to WhatsApp marketing campaigns.

The paid plans for the platform are as follows:

1. Starter plan : Subscription to this plan is estimated at $25 per month. This plan provides 20,000 emails per month. It also supports the service of sending unlimited messages per day, and provides basic reporting and analytics for marketing campaigns.

2. Business plan : This plan is valued at $65 per month, and this plan allows more than 20,000 emails per month.

It also provides advanced reports and statistics, in addition to the ability to add more than one user to the tool, as well as the ability to allocate a specific time to send with phone support services.

3. Enrerprice plan : The subscription to this plan is estimated at $1,000 per month, and it is intended for large companies. It offers advanced security features with advanced integration services for services, in addition to providing a specialized support service for the company with flexible contracts, and other advantages.

2. tool

One of the most popular omnichannel marketing platforms, used by more than 1000 global companies; Including: McDonald’s Corporation, Honda Corporation, and other major companies.

The platform allows for a comprehensive integration of everything related to a single customer on one screen, as this screen displays messages via e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp messages, and all the tools that you may need.

The platform also offers a range of plans, and all plans offer the possibility of registration and free trial for a period of 14 days.

These paid plans can be detailed as follows:

1. team plan : the value of subscribing to this plan is $79 per month. It is a plan for small businesses. This plan provides all the advantages of support, marketing and selling tools through the platform.

In addition to the ability to add up to 10 users to control the platform, it also allows access to 1,000 active contacts per month.

2. Business plan : The cost of subscribing to this plan is $249, and it is a plan intended for medium-sized companies.

This plan provides all marketing and sales tools with the ability to create the necessary reports and analyzes. This plan includes the ability to add up to 25 users, access to 3000 active contacts, and many other features.

3. The enterprice plan : The platform did not announce, on its website, the value of participating in this plan, but you should talk to the relevant sales team to find out the details, and this plan is intended for large companies that want dedicated support and follow-up procedures.

3. wati tool

One of the most famous global tools that help increase sales and improve revenues from WhatsApp marketing, and this platform has gained the trust of more than 3,500 companies around the world; Including: Tik Tok, Oppo, and other international companies.

The platform allows you to watch a demo before subscribing, and also allows you to start the subscription with a free trial.

As for the paid plans, they are as follows:

1. Standard plan : The value of subscribing to this plan is $49 per month, and it allows chat bot service. This price plan also allows 1,000 free conversations per month, in addition to the ability to add up to 5 users, and supports broadcasting and scheduling messages what’s up.

2. Professional Plan : The value of subscribing to this plan is $98 per month. This plan provides a dynamic chat bot creator with the ability to integrate with Google Sheet, in addition to all the advantages offered by the previous price plan.

Steps to create a WhatsApp Business account

Marketing experts recommend creating a professional WhatsApp business account that shows all the details of the business, in order to achieve the maximum possible benefit from the marketing campaigns through the WhatsApp program.

The steps for creating a professional account on the WhatsApp Business program are similar if you use the auxiliary programs that we mentioned or not, as creating a professional business account is the most important basics of WhatsApp marketing operations.

The professional account for the business can be created on the WhatsApp Business application by following the following steps :

1. Download WhatsApp Business from the application store on the smartphone.

2. Click on the icon to agree to the terms and conditions.

3. Add the phone number of the business, provided that this number is not used on the WhatsApp program on another phone.

4. Adding the name of the business, knowing that it cannot be modified after adding it.

5. Adding an image that reflects the business. Marketing experts are advised to add the logo of the business or a picture bearing its name.

6. Fill in all the required data to appear more professional.

7. Setting the payment method, if the business receives funds via WhatsApp itself.

Adjustment is done through the following steps:

  • Click on the three dots in the program interface.
  • Then click on the Settings option.
  • Then on payment options.
  • Then on adding a payment method.
  • Then click to agree to the payment terms via WhatsApp.
  • Then click on the Continue option.
  • Then enter the payment details; Such as bank name, registration number.
  • Then write the code that will be sent over the phone.
  • Then choose the secret code.

8. It is preferable to send a welcome message to the old customers, in order to remind them of the phone number, inform them of the presence of the business on WhatsApp, and request correspondence via WhatsApp later.

WhatsApp Marketing Best Practices

The best practices in WhatsApp marketing lie in using all the features offered by this application, which ensures the best possible results for the marketing campaigns launched by the business, and these smart practices aim to maintain existing customers rather than targeting them to attract new customers.

Here are the best and most important smart practices for WhatsApp marketing:

1. Using automated messages

Automated messages provide a quick response to customers, and templates can be customized to answer the most frequent customer inquiries.

for example; Setting a template to send a message that includes details of prices and offers when the customer asks about the price. It is also preferable to set templates for welcome messages, user data collection messages, and so on, which saves time for the customer and the business at the same time.

2. Use WhatsApp statuses

Most WhatsApp users love to see the statuses of the contacts on their phones, so if a business uses this feature on WhatsApp, it will ensure that it reaches a large number of its customers.

This feature can be used to put up the latest offers made by the organization, include links to the organization’s website, add its social media pages, or offer extended discounts only during the status period (which lasts for 24 hours).

3. Setting your WhatsApp Business account profile

It is preferable to fill out all the profile information on WhatsApp; Such as: opening hours, and the location of the business, which gives the account a professional appearance.

This is in addition to placing the business logo as a profile picture, writing the brand name instead of the personal name, and changing the display image to include promotional messages, current offers, or to congratulate a celebration, and other things of interest to customers.

4. Use of multimedia

Audiences interact more with video content, so it is very useful to include some short videos of new offers or photos of products or staff in your marketing plan.

This is either by sending them to customers or placing them as cases on the WhatsApp Business account. It is also preferable to use the so-called memes to display the latest offers, as it attracts the attention of customers and increases the volume of their interaction and the likelihood that they will remember the details of the offer.

5. Use broadcast audio or video broadcast

Appearing in a live video broadcast or even an audio broadcast is one of the most popular and successful marketing strategies, because it allows direct interaction with customers, which increases their connection to the business.

This broadcast can explain the details of the latest offers or new services, it can address customer inquiries, talk to them directly, or it can include an announcement of new discounts offered by the business to followers of the live broadcast.

Here we finish the article that dealt with everything related to WhatsApp marketing , and in the end we always stress the importance of including this unique marketing channel in the marketing strategy of businesses of all sizes, in addition to using the practices that they explained at the end of the article.

In the end, we hope that the article has won your admiration and was able to provide you with a practical and real benefit that will help you achieve your marketing goals, and we await your comments and opinions in the comment box below the article.