VIDAA U OS is a TV operating system that focuses on providing a seamless and intuitive viewing experience for the consumer. Every aspect of the system is designed to make it easy for the consumer to use and enjoy their TV without any hassle. At VIDAA, we believe that the best consumer products are those that are easy to use and blend seamlessly into the consumer’s daily routine.

It’s finally here! The highly anticipated streaming service, Disney+, has arrived in your country. You can access the service on a variety of platforms, including the website, iOS, Apple TV, Android, Android TV, Roku, TizenOS, webOS, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S.

While it is not yet available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, or VIDAA U OS devices, it is expected to arrive on these platforms soon. This allows you to enjoy all of the programming offered by Disney+ from a variety of devices and operating systems. However, it is worth noting that the service is not yet available on every platform.

Where can I watch Disney+ on VIDAA?

Platforms where you can already download Disney+:

  • Website
  • OS
  • Apple TV
  • Android
  • Android TV (Google TV)
  • Roku
  • TizenOS (Samsung)
  • webOS (LG)
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • VIDAA U OS (Hisense)

How to Watch Disney+ on VIDAA U OS Devices

To watch Disney+ on a device running VIDAA U OS, you can follow these steps:

  1. Turn on your device and wait for it to load the VIDAA U OS interface.

  2. The main interface of VIDAA U OS includes a customizable navigation bar at the top of the screen, which houses various Smart TV apps and features, including Disney+.

  3. Simply navigate to Disney+ on this bar and select it to launch the app. If you can’t see the Disney+ app in the navigation bar, it might be hidden in the “All apps” section. If so, you can adjust the order of the apps on the navigation bar to make the Disney+ app more easily accessible.

  4. If you have a Hisense TV, you might also notice a second Disney+ bar on the home screen. This bar showcases trending Disney+ TV shows and movies, and can be a quick way to jump into watching something.

  5. Once you’re in the Disney+ app, you can browse and select content to watch as you would on any other device.

An advantage of VIDAA U OS is that you can leave your apps open in the background for quickly switching between them. For instance, you can switch between Disney+, a movie on a flash drive, and/or cable TV without closing any of the apps.

Disney+, along with other major streaming services like Disney+, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime, are supported on VIDAA U OS, particularly after the latest update.


How do I install the HBO Max app on my VIDAA U OS device?

As of now, the HBO Max app is not yet available on VIDAA U OS devices. However, it is expected to arrive on the platform soon. Once it becomes available, you can install the HBO Max app by accessing the VIDAA U OS app store, searching for HBO Max, and selecting u0022Installu0022 or u0022Download.u0022 After the app is installed, sign in with your HBO Max credentials to start enjoying the content.

Are there any regional restrictions for HBO Max on VIDAA U OS?

HBO Max is currently available in select countries, and its availability on VIDAA U OS will be subject to the same regional restrictions. To check if HBO Max is available in your country, visit the HBO Max website or refer to their official announcements. If the service is not yet available in your region, stay tuned for updates on the platform’s expansion.

Can I watch HBO Max content in 4K on my VIDAA U OS device?

Once the HBO Max app becomes available on VIDAA U OS devices, the streaming quality will depend on the subscription plan you choose. The standard plan of HBO Max supports 4K resolution on compatible devices. If your VIDAA U OS device supports 4K streaming and you have an HBO Max standard plan, you will be able to enjoy 4K content from the platform.

How can I manage my HBO Max subscription on VIDAA U OS?

To manage your HBO Max subscription, you will need to visit the HBO Max website or use the HBO Max app on a supported device other than VIDAA U OS. You can update your payment information, change your subscription plan, or cancel your subscription through the account settings on the HBO Max website or app.

Can I use my existing HBO subscription to access HBO Max on VIDAA U OS?

Once the HBO Max app is available on VIDAA U OS devices, you may be able to use your existing HBO subscription to access HBO Max, depending on your subscription type and region. Some HBO subscribers are eligible for an upgrade to HBO Max at no additional cost. To check your eligibility, visit the HBO Max website or contact your service provider for more information.