Capturing stunning nighttime photos, especially of the moon, can be quite challenging for smartphones. To achieve the best results, consider high-end devices with exceptional image quality and telephoto lens magnification capabilities.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra takes the prize

Investing in a premium smartphone will not only provide you with amazing moon photos but also grant you access to numerous top-notch features. We recommend the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra as the best option for this purpose.

The key to amazing moon photos lies in the zoom capabilities of telephoto lenses in high-end smartphones like the Huawei Mate 50 Pro, Xiaomi 13 Pro, and Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. The Galaxy S23 Ultra stands out with its 200 MP camera, which preserves intricate details in shots. In fact, social media and even major media outlets have highlighted the possibilities offered by Samsung’s flagship camera.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

This is due to the company using an AI learning engine to optimize the scene, as well as a Super Resolution mode. This image processing takes effect from 25x zoom, while resolution technology improves the image by combining multiple shots. This, along with the features offered by One UI 5.1 for the camera when taking photos with the mobile phone.

Tips for taking moon photos

The exceptional performance of Samsung’s flagship camera in capturing realistic colors and minute details of the moon has been widely acknowledged. This is achieved through an AI learning engine that optimizes the scene, a Super Resolution mode, and image processing at 25x zoom. The One UI 5.1 camera features also contribute to the stunning results.

To capture the perfect moon photo, keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Stabilize your smartphone: Use a tripod or phone mount to avoid blurry images.
  2. Utilize manual camera mode: Control exposure and shutter speed to capture finer moon details.
  3. Employ manual focus: This allows you to select the moon as the focal point.
  4. Shoot during full moon or waxing crescent phases: Brighter moonlight enables capturing more details.
  5. Incorporate clouds for added interest: Clouds can enhance the image, making it more appealing and captivating.