Sharing captivating videos on Facebook is an amazing way to connect with your loved ones. However, there’s nothing more frustrating than spending hours perfecting your video, only to find it blurry on Facebook. This article will shed some light on why this happens and guide you on how to fix it.

Why are My Videos Blurry on Facebook?

There are several reasons why your videos may appear blurry on Facebook. These include:

Reason 1: Video Compression

Whenever a video is larger than Facebook’s specified format, Facebook compresses the video to save server space. Unfortunately, this compression can result in reduced video quality, causing blurriness.

Reason 2: Video Display Settings

Incorrect video display settings can also lead to poor quality videos. It’s an easy detail to overlook but plays a significant role in video clarity.

Reason 3: Device or Browser Settings

Your device’s unique settings can sometimes interfere with video quality. For instance, your browser’s settings may negatively affect your video’s appearance on Facebook.

Reason 4: Poor Filming Techniques

Sometimes, the culprit behind blurry videos isn’t the technology but the person behind the camera. Issues like bad lighting, shaky hands, or inexperience with filming can all contribute to blurry videos.

Reason 5: Weak Internet Connection

A slow or unstable internet connection can significantly slow down video loading speed, causing your videos to appear blurry. In extreme cases, a poor internet connection can prevent the video from loading entirely.

How to Fix Blurry Videos on Facebook

Now that you understand the possible reasons behind blurry videos on Facebook, let’s explore how you can solve this issue.

Solution 1: Resize Your Video

Facebook videos should not exceed 1920×1080 pixels in size. To check and adjust your video size:

  1. Select the video on your device.
  2. Tap on the information icon to view your video’s current size.
  3. Use a video editing software like Desqueeze to resize your video.

Solution 2: Adjust Video Display Settings

To adjust your video display settings on Facebook:

  1. Log into your Facebook account.
  2. Click on the arrow icon in the top right corner.
  3. Select “Settings and Privacy”.
  4. Click on “Settings”.
  5. Select “Videos” from the menu on the left.
  6. Set the “Default Video Quality” to “HD if available”.

Solution 3: Learn Facebook’s Video Guidelines

Understanding and adhering to Facebook’s video guidelines can significantly enhance the quality of your videos and prevent blurriness.

Solution 4: Improve Your Filming Techniques

Better lighting, a higher-quality camera, and some filming practice can significantly improve your video quality. If you plan on making videos frequently, consider taking some video-making courses.

Solution 5: Check Your Internet Connection

Ensure your internet connection is stable. If you suspect that it’s the source of the problem, try switching to a different Wi-Fi network. If the issue persists, consider changing your internet service provider.


Sharing and watching videos on Facebook can be a joyous experience. Though there can be hurdles, like blurry videos, they are solvable. By adjusting your video or device settings, ensuring a stable internet connection, and improving your filming techniques, you can enjoy crisp, clear videos on Facebook. Say goodbye to the blurry video nightmare!