Facebook is used worldwide, and it is also the largest social media platform. However, one of the reasons for its success is the friend activities feature. You could see their likes and dislikes – it gave you access you never had before. We assume you have noticed that you can no longer see photos that someone likes on Facebook.

You are not wrong, because Facebook removed this feature several years ago. He did this because he wanted users to have more freedom with their privacy. Seeing photos your friends like is much more complicated than before.

Back then, you could just search for what your friends liked. However, today you can only see it on your feed. But you’ll only see the activities of the friends you interact with the most. If you want to know why, keep reading and see what we found out.

Reasons why you can’t see someone’s liked photos

Facebook already had 1.93 billion daily active users at the end of 2021. You can only imagine the number number of active users they have today. Facebook was not the first social media platform, but arguably it had the biggest impact on the social media world.

Let’s cut to the chase and find out why you can’t directly see the photos others like.

Facebook has updated its privacy policy

Over the years, Facebook has updated its privacy policy. One of the biggest changes was the removal of the ability to see a person’s activity through a feature.

This was something you could do in the past. However, due to their goal of improving the privacy of their users, this is no longer an option. As a result, you can no longer see photos someone likes on Facebook unless they appear organically on your feed.

Hidden Likes

We believe Facebook’s privacy policy isn’t the only reason why you can’t see someone’s likes or comments, even organically. Another reason we think is that the person is hiding their “likes”.

Facebook’s updated privacy options now give you this option. You can choose who can see what’s on your profile if you want.

You’ve been restricted

Another reason you can’t see someone’s activity directly may be that they’ve restricted you. To simplify, he banned or restricted you.

Banning or restricting a person is a common way to cut the connection with a specific person on Facebook.

“Take a break” option – “Take a break” used by the person

Facebook even has a “Take a break” function. If someone takes a break with you on Facebook, they no longer appear on your feed. What she likes, comments on, shares, etc., no longer shows up on your News Feed unless she ends her break.

Also, Facebook never tells you when someone has taken a break with you.

So this “pause” feature may explain why you can’t see photos liked by a specific person on Facebook.

You have been removed from the friend list

Nobody wants to admit it, but the most obvious reason could be that the person removed you from their friend list.

Facebook never sends a notification when someone separates from you. So if you don’t see activity from a specific person, checking to see if you’re still friends isn’t the worst idea.

How to see someone’s liked photos

Now that you know the reasons why you can’t see someone’s liked photos, we would like to explain how you can see them. We think your best chance of doing this is to fool the algorithm.

You just need to show Facebook’s algorithm that you interact a lot with someone. It’s simple and effective, and you don’t have to do anything illegal. There are different ways to do it:

  • Join them by Messenger.
  • React to their photos and statuses.
  • Comment on their activities.

If you use these methods, you will be able to trick Facebook’s algorithm into believing that you are close friends, which will allow Facebook to display their activities on your feed more regularly.

Final Thoughts

The “Like” button is an important part of Facebook. Likes provide us with judgment, approval, and other types of information. When you get likes for a post, you feel good. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to see what the other person likes; part of you wants to behave that way so you can benefit from its likes.

However, it’s just plain frustrating not being able to see their activity. To calm your nerves, we explain why you can’t see someone’s liked photos on Facebook.

Among all these reasons, which ones do you agree with, or do you think we have forgotten a major reason in your opinion? Let us know in the comments section.