Why has my post on Facebook disappeared? This is a common question among Facebook users. Facebook used to be a social media platform that displayed all updates on the News Feed. Users kept scrolling and browsing through posts that ranged from interesting to downright boring.

Fortunately, Facebook has evolved with better algorithms for recommending posts. It only displays content that matches the tastes and preferences of the user. Nevertheless, it has created the problem of Facebook posts disappearing, and people don’t know why this is happening.

If you have faced a similar problem with your Facebook posts, there is a reason for it. We’ve collected the most common possible reasons, and you can check if any of them are causing your Facebook post to disappear.

6 Reasons Why My Facebook Post Disappeared

When your Facebook post disappears from News Feed, one of the following reasons may be the cause.

Reason 1: Friends on Facebook

Your friend status can determine which Facebook posts from other users you can view. If someone on your friends list has removed you from their profile, you won’t be able to see their posts.

So if you wonder why my Facebook post disappeared, you can check the status of this friend in your list. If it’s not there, that’s it, but if it’s listed, that might not be the reason your post disappeared.

Reason 2: Filters, Blocks, and Restrictions

Facebook users receive many notifications and feed content to view daily. This is one of the reasons why you may have added some filters and updated the restriction settings.

So, if you are looking for certain posts and it seems that they disappear from Facebook, you may have blocked this type of content. If this is the reason a post disappeared from your feed, you can bring it back by changing the settings.

Reason 3: your privacy settings

Hide a post in privacy settings

Every post on Facebook can be configured for privacy. Facebook offers this option to its users by adding a privacy lock icon to the bottom right corner of a post. Changing the privacy settings for this post allows you to hide it from your friends list or someone you choose.

You can answer the question “Why did my Facebook post disappear?” if the owner of the post hid the content from you. If one of your friends has changed the privacy settings of a previously public post, it will disappear from your feed.

Reason 4: the Facebook Like page

As for your list of friends, if you do not follow a Facebook page, you risk not seeing its publications. Liking a Facebook page is not the same as following it. This is often the reason for posts not appearing in your feed.

If you have already followed the page and you no longer follow it, the posts will disappear from your Facebook feed. If you follow the page and like it, its posts will be visible to you.

Reason 5: Quality of your posts

Facebook has evolved since its early days, making it a great social media platform for valuable content. It used to be that anyone could post anything, regardless of content value, and get away with it. Today, algorithms are powerful enough to recognize the quality of content and remove the post if it is offensive.

If you find that a Facebook post has disappeared from your feed, you will need to check if the quality of this content is acceptable for this platform. For posts you see from your friends or Facebook Pages, the quality also determines whether you’ll see the posts on your feed or not.

Reason 6: Technical issues

If none of the above reasons answers your question, why did my Facebook post disappear, the problem may be with the system. Sometimes technical issues can cause an error that removes a post from your feed.

It could be a hardware or software issue that causes Facebook posts to disappear. Typically, the post reappears after the issue is resolved. If not, you can try logging out and logging back in to see if the post reappears.

What should I do if my Facebook posts suddenly disappear without a trace?

Sometimes you do everything right, but Facebook deletes your post anyway. This is something that you cannot explain by the six reasons we mentioned above. Yet panic is not the solution.

You need to refresh your webpage first, and if you still don’t see your message, it’s time to check your activity log. Everything from reviewing and managing posts to tags and interactions can be done through your activity log. Check it whenever a Facebook post disappears from your timeline.

If you can’t find your posts in the activity log, you can reload the post without multiple post types. For example, if you posted a text and a photo, try uploading only the text or the photo to see what happens.

If it doesn’t work, you can also use another account and post a similar message to check if it downloads or not. Sometimes the image format can also be a problem. So make sure your posts follow Facebook’s guidelines to avoid this problem.


In most cases, posts disappear from Facebook permanently, but if the problem is with the platform or your setting preferences, you may be able to see the post you want again. If the post is essential to you and it disappeared for no reason, you can contact Facebook support to ask why this happened.

Although there are different reasons to determine the disappearance of Facebook posts, you can still understand why it happened and what you can do to avoid the same fate in the future.

How to find a publication that has disappeared on Facebook?

You can consult the “activity log” to classify your messages and find the one that has disappeared from your feed. If the message is not there, it may have been deleted for one of the reasons mentioned above.

How to recover an unfinished publication on Facebook?

If you saved the message as a draft, you can recover it. If it was not saved as a draft, you may not be able to retrieve an unfinished message.