Snapchat, a popular application valued for its privacy-focused features, has risen to prominence, capturing the attention of millions. Yet, many users have recently reported instances of unexpected disconnections from the mobile app.

What Does It Mean When Snapchat Disconnects You?

When Snapchat logs you out of your app, it generally signals that your account has been accessed from a different device. This is because Snapchat doesn’t permit simultaneous access from two devices. If you continue this practice, the problem will persist. Other potential issues may involve third-party apps, outdated Snapchat versions, and, in some cases, account hacking.

Now, let’s explore some reasons behind Snapchat’s disconnection and offer potential solutions to overcome this problem.

Potential Reasons Why Snapchat Keeps Logging You Out

Snapchat can log you out of your account for various reasons, including application updates, risk detection, usage on multiple devices, and potential account hacking.

Application Updates

Snapchat may log you out when it receives a significant update. This is a common issue linked to the app’s background refresh feature. In such scenarios, you’ll need to log back in to continue using the app.

Risk Detection

Snapchat may log you out if it identifies risky third-party applications. Some apps may request access to certain Snapchat features, which might jeopardize your personal information. To protect you, Snapchat may disconnect you, especially if you’re using an iOS device.

Multiple Devices

Accessing Snapchat from multiple devices can lead to frequent disconnections, particularly if one of the devices experiences cache issues or if the app crashes during server communication.

Account Hacked

Lastly, your account might have been compromised. This might be evidenced by odd messages appearing on your profile, contacts added without your consent, or other unusual activities.

Solutions to Snapchat Disconnection Issues

Here are several methods to resolve the disconnection issue:

Method #1: Disable Background App Refresh

To resolve issues linked to the background app refresh feature:

On Android Devices:

  1. Go to your Android’s Settings app and select “Apps & notifications.”
  2. Find Snapchat in the displayed list.
  3. In “Mobile data and Wi-Fi,” turn off the “Background data” option.

On an iPhone:

  1. Open Settings and select “General.”
  2. Choose “Refresh apps in the background.”
  3. Find Snapchat and disable the adjacent switch.

Method #2: Disable Access to Third-Party Apps

If you suspect third-party apps are causing the issue:

  1. Open Snapchat and tap the profile symbol (Bitmoji) in the upper left corner.
  2. Tap the gear symbol in the top right to access settings.
  3. Navigate to the “Partner connections” section to view all third-party apps connected to your Snapchat account.
  4. To revoke access, select the “Remove application” option.

Method #3: Log Out and Reset Your Password

If you suspect your account has been hacked, log out of Snapchat and change your password through text or email.

Method #4: Disable VPN Connection

Disconnect your VPN to stabilize your network, as this might be causing Snapchat to disconnect you.

Method #5: Update the Snapchat App

Outdated app versions can lead to various issues, including disconnections. If you haven’t updated Snapchat yet, consider doing so to fix minor issues or bugs causing the error.

Method #6: Reinstall Snapchat

If the app update doesn’t resolve the issue, consider uninstalling and reinstalling Snapchat. This process can clear corrupt data and restart the app.

Method #7: Check if Your Account Has Been Locked

If all else fails, your account might have been suspended. If so, try logging in again, and Snapchat should allow you to unlock your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I See Who Logged into My Snapchat Account?

Snapchat doesn’t provide login history in the app. You can access this information by visiting Snapchat’s website and requesting your account data.

Will I Be Logged Out If Someone Else Logs into My Snapchat Account?

Yes, Snapchat logs you out when your account is accessed from another device because it doesn’t support multiple device usage.

How Can I Secure My Snapchat Account?

Apart from creating a strong password, Snapchat recommends using two-factor authentication for extra security.


Snapchat disconnection issues generally relate to security concerns. While the above solutions should address these problems, if they persist, it may be due to a technical glitch on Snapchat’s end. In such a case, you’ll need to wait for Snapchat to resolve the issue. Remember to stay vigilant with your account security to avoid such complications.