The illicit activities of drug and crime cartels are a major problem, and they are often now using satellite phones to communicate with each other. If you’re wondering why cartels use satellite phones, here are a few key points that offer an explanation.

Stay Off The Grid

The main reason why cartels use satellite phones is to stay off the grid. Traditional phone and internet networks are much easier to monitor, so the cartels want to use a form of communication that is harder to track. Satellite phones give them a secure line of communication and also allow them to stay anonymous.

Hide Their Identity

Cartels also use satellite phones for anonymity. By encrypting their conversations and messages, they can protect their identity and stay one step ahead of law enforcement. Not only does this keep the authorities from finding out who is in the cartel and the illegal activity they are involved in, but it also makes it easier for the cartel to move their illegal goods from one place to another without being detected.

More Secure Line of Communication

With satellite communication, cartels get a much more secure line of communication than they would with traditional methods. Satellite phones are hard to hack and eavesdrop on, which gives them a layer of security that other forms of communication cannot offer. This makes it easier for the cartels to send and receive information without risking their security.

Stay in Touch with Members

Cartels often have many members spread out in different locations, and satellite phones allow them to stay in regular contact with each other. This helps the cartel to stay on top of their business, stay coordinated, and stay ahead of the authorities.


For cartels, satellite phones offer a much more secure and anonymous way of communicating than traditional phone and internet networks. By staying off the grid, encrypting their conversations and messages, and being able to stay in regular contact with members, satellite phones offer a layer of security that other forms of communication can’t. This is why cartels so often use satellite phones.

What are the advantages of cartels using satellite phones?

1. Increased communication: Satellite phones allow cartel members to communicate more efficiently, even in remote or difficult-to-reach areas.

2. Improved operational capabilities: Cartels can use satellite phones to coordinate operations, securely monitor targets, and quickly deploy resources.

3. Increased safety: Satellite phones are often used in highly precarious situations, thereby reducing the risk of the cartel’s workers being identified or tracked by law enforcement or rival groups.

4. Improved surveillance and intelligence gathering: Satellite phones can be tracked, even in remote areas, allowing cartels to gain a better idea of the location and movements of their rivals and law enforcement.

5. Resiliency: Satellite phones are not reliant on any physical infrastructure. This can be valuable in cases of natural disasters, civil unrest, or any other emergency situation.


Q: Why do cartels use satellite phones?

A: Cartels use satellite phones to communicate across borders and to prevent law enforcement from intercepting their calls. Additionally, satellite phones are not restricted by terrain, which makes them ideal for communication in remote areas.

Q: What advantages do satellite phones have over regular cell phones?

A: Satellite phones provide access to communication services in remote areas where regular cell phones may not have coverage. Additionally, satellite phones do not rely on terrestrial towers, which makes them more secure than regular cell phones, as law enforcement has a harder time intercepting their communications.

Q: Are there any drawbacks to using satellite phones?

A: Satellite phones are often more expensive than regular cell phones and may require the user to pay for an expensive service plan. Additionally, satellite phones are limited in range, as they require a view of the sky in order to work.