YouTube has been undertaking significant efforts recently. One of the main reasons for its success is being a Google company. Google places great importance on usability and quality in all its services, including YouTube.

YouTube is one of Google’s most popular platforms, and as such, it is constantly updated and renewed. YouTube was not as comprehensive a platform in its older versions as it is now. However, with the emergence and growth of video applications like TikTok, the YouTube platform has started to develop and grow at a similar pace.

YouTube is currently implementing some of the biggest updates and efforts. We have witnessed the company’s serious work during this year in particular. There have been beautiful changes within the platform this year.

In addition to these changes, we had already seen the YouTube platform develop rapidly in previous years. One of the biggest changes the company made was the transition to the Premium concept. Alongside the move to Premium, features like animated like buttons were also introduced to the app.

Why Does YouTube Freeze?

One of the most significant changes that came with all these features was the updates to YouTube applications. Updates were not sent as frequently in the old generation YouTube applications, and the updates that were sent did not have the large volume as they do in the current version.

YouTube has made the app more conceptual by adding features, but it has also significantly increased the app size. Now, unless the updates are security updates, the update size is usually large.

When there are too many features within the app and the performance capacity of the device is insufficient, the app may lag or freeze.

In this case, the cause of the issue is entirely related to the size of the YouTube application. As there are so many features in the app, your device’s performance capacity may be insufficient, causing the app to freeze. In this situation, you can first try to relieve the device and prevent problems like freezing by deleting unnecessary cookies and data saved by the app.