YouTube is one of the best Google services developed by Google. As a Google service, it is a high-quality platform with a large user base. The platform has become much more comprehensive and useful compared to older versions.

Google is not a company that usually enhances the YouTube platform significantly. However, with the emergence and growth of applications like TikTok, the YouTube platform has also started to grow and develop at a similar pace.

With the growth of such applications, YouTube began to update the app regularly to prevent users from switching to different platforms and increase in-app interaction. There have been several major updates within the app, especially this year.

YouTube has made serious efforts to maintain its competitiveness and leadership among other platforms. A brief look at these efforts reveals features like animations on the like button and additions to short videos.

YouTube managed to add features like these to the platform. However, adding tons of features to the app increases its size. In particular, important updates sent to users can also increase the size of the update.

Along with the app size, data saved by YouTube on the device and videos downloaded by users occupy a considerable amount of space on the device. In this situation, even a video app like YouTube may require performance.

Why is YouTube Slow?

When the performance needs are not fully met, freezes may occur in the YouTube app. Especially at this stage, the app struggles significantly when first opened on devices with low or very low performance capacity.

Under normal circumstances, the app, which used to open within one or two seconds in older versions, now takes between five and ten seconds to open on the same device with the latest updates. In addition, the app may occasionally lag during use.

One of the best ways to solve this is to delete downloaded and saved videos within the app. Additionally, finding the YouTube app in the “Applications” section and deleting unnecessary data will help. As long as you perform these tasks, the YouTube app will not continuously freeze.