Are you confused about why your TikTok video views suddenly dropped? Are you having trouble figuring out why? The decrease in TikTok views can be quite disappointing, especially if you’re used to your videos getting lots of attention. This article will explore the main reasons why your TikTok videos might not be getting views anymore, and how to fix it.

Reason 1: Posting Inappropriate Content

Posting inappropriate content can have a big impact on your TikTok video views. Inappropriate content might include adult nudity, violent scenes, or anything else that’s too graphic. If you post this kind of content, TikTok’s algorithm might lower your reach, meaning fewer people see your videos.

Solution: Stay Within the Guidelines

The best way to avoid this problem is to not create inappropriate content in the first place. Also, steer clear of controversial subjects like politics or religious hatred. Make sure you’re familiar with TikTok’s community guidelines, and stick to them.

Reason 2: Uploading Boring Content

If your content is uninteresting or dull, viewers won’t be keen to watch your videos, leading to a drop in views. TikTok’s algorithm is pretty clever and tries to show users content that they’ll enjoy.

Solution: Create Engaging Content

To solve this issue, try:

  • Creating exciting, fun videos that viewers will love
  • Making content that’s meaningful and interesting
  • Looking at user comments to see what they think about your videos

A key thing to remember is that the more views and engagement a TikTok video gets, the more likely it will reach a broader audience.

Reason 3: Uploading Too Many Videos at Once

Contrary to popular belief, uploading more videos won’t necessarily make you more popular. If you post too many videos without giving them time to be noticed, it’s harder for any single one to go viral.

Solution: Pace Your Uploads

If you want to keep your audience, slow down your uploads. A good starting point is one video per day, but you can upload one to three videos per day if you feel comfortable with it.

Reason 4: Your Niche is Overpopulated

If your chosen niche is highly competitive with many content creators, your video views may start to decrease. High competition can mean that the audience is split between many creators, resulting in fewer views for each video.

Solution: Consider a Niche Change

If there’s too much competition in your niche, you could:

  • Switch to a less competitive niche for more views
  • Make unique videos that will make viewers choose your content over your competitors’

Reason 5: Posting Duplicate Content

Posting copied viral content from YouTube or Instagram on TikTok is a quick way to lose views. TikTok’s algorithm can identify when a duplicate video is posted, and it will limit your views and activity if you do this.

Solution: Be Original

The best way to handle this is to create new, unique content. This will help you grow your channel and audience.

Reason 6: Using Irrelevant Hashtags

Hashtags are important on TikTok, but using ones that don’t match your content won’t help your videos. If your hashtags don’t match your content, TikTok won’t show your video on the “For You” page.

Solution: Use Appropriate Hashtags

Always use hashtags that are relevant to your content. You can find suitable hashtags for your videos using TikTok’s hashtag tools.

Reason 7: Your Account is Shadow Banned

A “shadow ban” is when TikTok limits the reach of your content without you knowing. If this happens, your videos won’t show up in the “For You” tab or on the hashtag results page, leading to a drop in views.

Solution: Reach Out to TikTok

If you think you’re shadow banned, you can:

  • Contact TikTok customer service
  • Remove any videos that violate TikTok’s guidelines
  • Stop creating new videos until the ban is lifted

The shadow ban usually lasts about two weeks.


If you’re struggling with dropping TikTok views, this article should have shed some light on the issue. Following the solutions provided should help improve your situation. Always remember to review TikTok’s terms and conditions to avoid future issues.


Is it bad to post too many videos on TikTok?

Not necessarily. But it’s important to create a posting schedule and stick to it to maintain your audience’s engagement.

How to get more views on TikTok?

Increase your views by using relevant hashtags, making high-quality videos, and promoting your videos on other platforms.

How many TikTok videos should I upload in a day?

Start with one video a day and gradually increase to up to three videos per day to avoid overwhelming your audience.

What should I do if my TikTok account is shadowbanned?

Contact TikTok customer service, remove videos that violate TikTok guidelines, and avoid creating new videos until the ban is lifted.