According to recent reports, supply issues for the PlayStation 5 will finally be resolved in early 2023, ending a two-year shortage since the console’s release. Some users have expressed disappointment with the new generation of consoles due to a lack of exclusive games and other misinformation.

One such piece of misinformation concerns the positioning of the PlayStation 5, which like its predecessors, the PS2, PS3, and PS4, can be placed in both a vertical and horizontal position. Since the PlayStation 2, there have been rumors about which position could potentially shorten the life of the console or the disc drive, and the new generation is no different. However, it is important to note that there is no scientific evidence to support these rumors, and users should feel free to position their console in whatever way they prefer.

The recent rumors that placing the PlayStation 5 in a vertical position can cause damage to the console’s performance are false. According to Yasuhiro Ootori, one of the engineers from Sony, the position of the console does not affect its performance.

In a video shared by Sony, Ootori disassembles the console and confirms that the liquid metal, which acts as a thermal paste, does not spill and damage the processor in a vertical position. Ootori also states that he personally prefers the vertical position for aesthetic reasons, but the performance remains the same. Users should not be concerned about placing their PS5 in a vertical position.


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Metal Liquid Leaks in PS5: Fact or Fiction?

The long answer begins with the origin of this comment about the danger of placing the console in a vertical position that went viral. It all started with videos posted by an independent technician specializing in consoles, named TheCod3r. In the full video titled “You Won’t Believe WHY This PlayStation 5 Stopped Working! Can I Fix Sony’s Catastrophic Mistakes?”, published in September 2022, the technician was able to discover the most common reason why consoles stop working.

The problem occurs due to leakage of the liquid metal, which acts as thermal paste, covering the console’s processor and that is supposed to be in a sealed system, to prevent leaks. This substance spreads even more inside the console due to gravity when the device is in a vertical position, causing electrical problems by damaging the motherboard or simply difficulties in dissipating heat.

Cheapest repair

It is worth noting that, according to TheCod3r, this is one of the cheapest console faults to repair. The misunderstanding came from a specific statement made by the technician in the video. He points out that the leakage of liquid metal from the console is something that, at most, he has seen in one out of 10, or even one out of 20 PS5s that he has repaired.

The technician refers to one out of 10 broken consoles that have been sent to him, not one out of 10 that are manufactured, so the proportion of devices that suffer from this problem is smaller. However, the confusion led to the belief that Sony was selling defective consoles. The website Wololo even wrote a post about the video in question, misunderstanding the technician’s words, believing that when he said that some of the consoles with liquid metal leakage had not been opened, he was referring to the packaging and not to being opened by users or other technicians. This information was later denied, clarifying the true message of the video.

Therefore, until proven otherwise, placing the PS5 in a vertical position has no negative consequences. Being an electronic device, it can fail for multiple reasons, such as the power supply itself, and even in a small percentage, the device may come with a factory defect that the warranty covers.