Did your Snapchat app prompt you for a username and password upon launching it? Perhaps you encountered an alert stating user or username not found. This could indicate an accidental deletion of your account, or Snapchat may have deleted it.

If you’re experiencing difficulties logging into your Snapchat account, there’s a high chance that your account has been deleted, either accidentally by you or by the Snapchat team.

Quick Answer: Generally, Snapchat deletes accounts that violate its terms of service (TOS). When creating your account, you agreed to abide by Snapchat’s TOS. Therefore, any violation can lead to the deletion of the account. Notably, Snapchat doesn’t provide a deletion warning after TOS or Community Guidelines have been violated. If you have not verified your phone number or email address on Snapchat, this could also be a reason why your account was deleted.

Snapchat is currently undergoing a major cleanup, and your account may have been included in this process. Let’s discuss why Snapchat might have deleted your account.

Can Snapchat Delete an Account?

Yes, Snapchat can indeed delete user accounts, but it only does so under justified circumstances.

Given that social media platforms like Snapchat constantly strive to attract more users, it would be counterproductive for these platforms to delete user accounts without good reason.

Why Did Snapchat Delete My Account?

You Snapchat account has been deleted due to one of these reasons for sure:

Copyright Infringement

Snapchat users are expected to abide by the Trademark and Bitmoji Guidelines set forth by Snap Inc. and its affiliates. If these guidelines or Snap Inc.’s intellectual property rights are violated, your Snapchat account could be deleted.

Multiple Accounts

Snapchat users are limited to two accounts at a time. Consequently, your account may have been deleted if you have been constantly switching between more than two Snapchat accounts using one device.

Uploading or Sending Malicious Content

Snap Inc.’s TOS prohibits uploading or sending any content or link that contains malicious software, viruses, or code that compromises Snap’s security. If you’ve sent or uploaded spammy or malicious content, Snapchat may have deleted your account.

Modifying Services or Features

Attempting to access content filtering services to which you’re not authorized is against Snapchat’s rules. Snapchat provides different features to enhance your Snap experience, but modifying or misusing these tools can lead to account deletion.

Unauthorized Third-Party Software or Applications

Although Snapchat permits the use of third-party links or tools, utilizing unauthorized third-party tools, links, or materials could result in temporary locking or deletion of your account.

Account Inactivity

Snapchat removes inactive accounts after a certain period of inactivity. After deactivating or deleting your account, you have 30 days to reactivate it. After this period, Snapchat will permanently delete your account.


Impersonating someone else is a violation of Snap’s TOS and may result in account termination.

Unverified Contact Information

Snapchat might have deleted your account if you used it without a verified email or phone number. Unverified accounts can appear suspicious and may be temporarily locked to prompt users to verify their contact information.

Automated Engagement

Snapchat prohibits the use of bots or other automated tools on the platform. Using these tools could result in your account being deleted.

Violation of Community Guidelines

Violation of Snapchat’s Community Guidelines can lead to account deletion. These guidelines outline how users can post messages and interact with others.

Harassment or Intimidation

Contacting someone who has blocked you, sharing screenshots of private chats without consent, or sharing snaps of other users without their permission can be considered harassment or bullying.

Sexually Inappropriate Content

Posting sexually suggestive or explicit content, particularly involving minors, is strictly prohibited.

Inciting Violence

Promoting, encouraging, or glorifying any form of violence is forbidden.

Posting False Information

Disseminating false or misleading information on Snapchat can lead to account deletion.

Promotion of Illegal Activities

Encouraging criminal behavior or participating in illegal activities is against Snapchat’s guidelines.

Spreading Hate

Discrimination against or belittlement of other users can lead to account deletion.

How to Restore Your Snapchat Account

It’s important to note that there’s a high likelihood that you cannot recover your account if Snapchat has deleted it. Contact Snapchat’s customer service and ask them to restore your account. Alternatively, you can use Snapchat recovery apps.

If more than 30 days have passed, you’ll need to create a new account, as Snapchat permanently deletes accounts after this period.

Can I recover a permanently deleted Snapchat account?

No, you can’t. When Snapchat permanently deletes an account, all data associated with that account is also erased.


Snapchat removes disruptive or inactive accounts. Any violation of Snapchat’s TOS or Community Guidelines will lead to account termination. Therefore, it’s essential to tread carefully while interacting on Snapchat to avoid losing your account and data.