The word “podcast” was coined in 2004 by British journalist Ben Hammersley, and is a contraction of “iPod” (Apple) and “broadcast” (to transmit). The principle is to publish audio content specifically designed for digital transmission (native podcast) or to replay a radio show.

As an effective marketing tool that is simple to produce, it can be integrated into a professional communication strategy. The advantages of this new media in terms of information sharing and influence are undeniable. Here are three essential reasons to create a company podcast and not miss this opportunity!

Creating a company podcast: a great way to communicate

Optimizing external communication by creating a podcast

For any company, defining a communication strategy is essential to support its development and build its brand image. Publishing a podcast is an excellent way to make yourself known and promote your activity. You can rely on this other influential media, in addition to your website and its visual and editorial content. It offers you the opportunity to promote your products or services directly to your target audience. According to the latest CSA/Havas Paris study:

  • 87% of weekly listeners are convinced of the usefulness of integrating podcasts into a label’s communication.
  • 78% would be interested in on-demand audios from their favorite companies or brands.

Why? Because they will better understand your expertise and measure the extent of your know-how. If the words broadcasted appeal to them, they will want to learn more, know the values of your company, hear the arguments of satisfied customers, etc. The goal of creating a company podcast is to capture the attention of listeners and find new prospects. Then, maintain the nascent proximity relationship by retaining them through regular listening. How? By immersing your audience in the heart of your universe!

  • Convince them with your voice.
  • Tell them about your profession.
  • Make them want to join your project, understand your commitments, your history, and that of your products or services…

Enriching your narration will allow you to boost your visibility, present your offer in an innovative way, and get closer to your target.

Developing internal communication by valuing employees

Offering a way to get to know everyone’s jobs is a real asset within a company. Through this audio channel, you can keep each employee informed of your group’s life:

  • existing skills;
  • future developments;
  • available training;
  • services provided;
  • news: trade shows, interviews given, publications made, latest partnerships, introduction of new employees, etc.

Setting up a company podcast promotes internal communication, and its accessible format allows all employees to benefit, no matter at what level they are.

Creating a corporate podcast as part of your marketing strategy: it’s easy!

An easy conception

Designing a podcast is relatively easy. Basic equipment (microphone, headset, recorder, and editing software) and a theme, defined based on your objective, are sufficient. Like a written article, structure your approach to highlight your topic and let your creativity run wild so that your listeners are captivated!

Guests can be invited to convince a new audience of your reliability and expertise by sharing their positive experience of your products. They can praise their qualities, and if you choose a popular participant, your testimony will be even more heard. Add to that indefinite reuse, and acknowledge the ease of this original digital tool, consumable at will with a simple click, anytime!

Although initially perfect for multitasking listeners, more and more loyal fans are getting used to “settling down” to concentrate on their session. They thus take advantage of the few minutes of well-being and distraction that this episode allows them. An interesting development for the professional world: the person listening to a podcast is seeking interaction with it, unlike advertising, which is considered intrusive, for example.

How to do it?

There are no rules to follow for creating a corporate podcast. However, there is only one objective to achieve: to make it attractive and dynamic so that the recipients adhere to your message. You can then promote your podcast to expand your audience. As for organization, define 4 essential points upstream.

  • The subject:
    determine your main theme. If you want to showcase your know-how or strengthen your reputation, you will not approach your podcasts from the same angles. The tone may also vary depending on this choice. The goal will always be to interest the listener in your industry by judiciously selecting the questions addressed.
  • The format:
    you can decide to record an interview, create a documentary, edit a fiction, etc. Styles are as varied as in the world of cinema, television, or radio. It’s up to you to define the one that best suits your subject and target.
  • Duration and frequency:
    depending on the target audience, plan several episodes or seasons. Short (5 to 15 minutes) or long (30 to 45 minutes) sizes are possible. According to the CSA/Havas Paris study, 38% of native podcast listeners prefer formats of 10 to 15 minutes; 34%, those of 5 to 10 minutes; 28%, those of 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Your target:
    defining it will allow you to determine who will take the microphone. Potential interlocutors are numerous (collaborators, partners, experts, influencers, etc.)

Why create a corporate podcast: because it’s profitable!

Low competition

Although this new media has progressed very strongly in recent years, few brands have actually launched into it. The lack of knowledge of its advantages, potential, and ease of implementation probably explains this delay. Take advantage of it to stand out!

No boundary limits your audience: you can target all ages and styles. Thanks to the many listening platforms present on the Web (Apple podcasts, Spotify, Deezer, etc.), on-demand audios are easily accessible nowadays.

Increase your notoriety and credibility

  • Humanize your company by playing on the emotions of those who listen, getting closer to your consumers and future clients
  • Foster audience loyalty while attracting new prospects and increasing organic traffic to your website
  • Present a modern, inventive, and engaged image, differentiating yourself from the competition