Satellite phones – a necessity for keeping in touch in areas with no cellular coverage – are increasingly gaining popularity in the UAE. But if you’re thinking of purchasing one, you might be wondering “are satellite phones legal in the UAE?” The answer is yes!

What Are The Benefits Of Using a Satellite Phone In Dubai

A satellite phone is a great communication tool for travelers and those living in remote or rural areas of the UAE. Here are a few of the advantages of investing in a satellite phone:

  • Mobility: While satellite phones require a line of sight to the satellite to establish a connection, they can be used almost anywhere in the world.
  • High Security: Satellite phone signals are encrypted, making them virtually impossible to eavesdrop on.
  • Data Plans: Certain satellite phones are capable of accessing the internet and can accommodate data plans.

How Can You Legally Purchase A Satellite Phone In UAE?

Purchasing a satellite phone in the UAE is simple and straightforward. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Register with the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA).
  2. Obtain an authorization code from the TRA.
  3. Visit any of the TRA-authorized dealers and purchase a satellite phone.
  4. Submit the authorization code, along with a copy of your Emirates ID to the dealer.
  5. Activate the satellite phone with the TRA.

Final Thoughts

Satellite phones are a legal and easy way to stay connected in the UAE, no matter where you are. If you’re looking for a reliable and secure way to stay in touch with friends and family, a satellite phone is the perfect solution. So don’t hesitate – get your satellite phone today!

What type of license is required to use a satellite phone in the UAE?

In the UAE, satellite mobile phones require a licence from the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA). This is to ensure that all satellite users comply with federal laws and regulations. Furthermore, satellite phones may only be used for non-commercial purposes and must be registered with the TRA.

What type of satellite service is allowed in the UAE?

The UAE allows broadcast satellites and regional mobile satellite services (MSS) such as Thuraya and Inmarsat. These satellite services are approved for voice and data service by the TRA. All satellite equipment must be approved and registered with the TRA.

What restrictions are there on satellite services in the UAE?

1. Licensed satellite television companies are required to use satellite frequencies allocated and approved by the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA).

2. Content intended for audiences in the UAE must comply with UAE’s laws and Islamic values.

3. All broadcast channels have to be registered with the TRA and must provide their Broadcasting Code of Conduct and programming schedule to the TRA for approval.

4. All satellite services must have a UAE server for content delivery, and storage as well as data transmission.

5. Assessment/ Approval: All satellite services must be assessed and reviewed by the TRA based on the requirements set by the government.

6. Technical compliance: All satellite services must comply with the technical standards laid down by the TRA.

7. All satellite services must be licensed through the TRA.


Q: Are Satellite Phones legal in UAE?

A: Yes, satellite phones are legal in UAE.

Q: What type of satellite phone is allowed in UAE?

A: As of 2019, Thuraya and Iridium satellite phones are allowed for use in UAE.

Q: Are there any restrictions to using a satellite phone in UAE?

A: Yes, satellite phones need to be registered, and the user of the device needs to have a valid Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) license. It is also important to note that satellite phones should not be used for activities that are illegal in UAE.

Q: Are satellite phones allowed in Dubai?

A: Yes, satellite phones are allowed in Dubai, but not all satellite phones are approved by the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority. The UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority only approves satellite phones offered by approved providers.

Q: Are satellite phones allowed on flights to and from Dubai?

A: Yes, satellite phones are allowed on flights to and from Dubai. However, satellite phones must be turned off or in airplane mode at all times during the flight.