Function (FN) shortcut key combinations are among the most legendary features used in laptop systems. Initially, FN shortcut combinations were preferred only by laptop systems, but later on, due to their high practicality, they began to be used in almost every computer system.

FN shortcut combinations vary from brand to brand. By choosing these shortcut combinations, even the simplest tasks in the system can be done very quickly and easily. We can easily perform the necessary tasks in the settings section of our computer system using FN combinations.

As a simple example of the tasks mentioned above; instead of using the settings to turn your computer’s Wi-Fi feature on and off, you can prefer the FN combination. This way, you can perform this task very simply and quickly. The best part of the FN shortcut keys is that we can use these combinations even while playing games.

It is essential to turn off hardware like the Touchpad while gaming. At this stage, using the FN shortcut combination instead of exiting the game will be sufficient to deactivate the hardware.

Asus Function Shortcut Keys

In addition to all these features, as I mentioned above, I want to reiterate that these combinations vary from brand to brand. The combinations will be different in brands like Monster and Lenovo. Especially for some brands like ASUS, the FN combinations hardly resemble those of other notebooks on the market.

At this stage, if you are using an ASUS device, you need to know how the FN combinations are on your device. The FN shortcut combinations on ASUS notebooks are as follows:

  • F1: Mute/Unmute speaker
  • F2: Decrease speaker volume
  • F3: Increase speaker volume
  • F4: Decrease screen brightness
  • F5: Increase screen brightness
  • F6: Enable/Disable Touchpad
  • F7: Turn keyboard light on/off
  • F8: Switch between second monitor feature
  • F9: Lock screen
  • F10: Turn camera on/off
  • F11: Screenshot feature
  • F12: Launch MyASUS application