Minecraft villages offer a unique gameplay experience by providing players with the opportunity to interact with NPC (non-player character) villagers who have various professions or jobs.

Minecraft villager jobs include farmers, fishermen, librarians, and more, and they influence the trades and interactions that villagers have with players. By setting up your gameplay near a village, you can make use of these job-specific NPC interactions to enhance your overall experience.

Here are some key things to know about using Minecraft villager jobs to your advantage:

How Many Villager Jobs are There in Minecraft?

There are 15 different villager professions in Minecraft, including 13 practical ones. Villagers’ appearances can vary based on the biome they spawn in, and there are also hostile variants like zombie villagers and witches. In total, there are over 100 different types of villagers, but for this guide, we will focus on the 15 worker types.

All Minecraft Villager Jobs & Their Duties

Minecraft villager can fall into one of three categories: nitwits, unemployed, or employed. Nitwits are permanently unable to work and are distinguished by their green robes.

Unemployed villagers can find work if provided with a utility block. Employed villagers can have one of 13 jobs and can be rendered unemployed by destroying their utility block. There are 13 total possible villager statuses.


Farmers can sell food and ingredients, including apples, cakes, cookies, pies, and stew. Higher level farmers may also offer glistering melon slices and golden carrots. You can trade wheat or emeralds with farmers. To create a farmer in a village, place a composter next to an unemployed villager.

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Butchers can be found near smokers, which can be used to cook food quickly. They sell cooked meat and dishes like

rabbit stew, cooked porkchops, and cooked chicken. You can trade fresh meat for these items or start a small chicken farm to sell to the butcher for profit.

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Weaponsmiths are valuable in Minecraft villages for their weaponsmith’s chests and starter items like minerals and weapons. They sell iron axes, enchanted iron swords, bells, and enchanted diamond weapons in exchange for emeralds. You can get emeralds from them by trading coal, iron ingots, flint, or diamonds. Weaponsmiths also have a grindstone for repairing and modifying items.

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Clerics can be found in Minecraft villages and sell glow stones, enchantment bottles, Redstone dust, lapis lazuli, and ender pearls. To trade with them, you can use rotten flesh to get emeralds. Clerics can be created by placing a brewing stand next to an unemployed villager or by obtaining one through Nether adventures. The brewing stand is also used for brewing potions with temporary effects.

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Armorers in the village at the blast furnace sell iron armor and enchanted diamond items. They can trade coal, iron ingots, lava buckets, or diamonds for emeralds based on their level.

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“Masons, found at the stonecutter in a Minecraft village, provide different types of stone blocks, including dripstone, bricks, and polished granite. They can be leveled up by selling them clay balls or buying bricks with emeralds. At expert level, you can trade emeralds for colored or glazed terracotta, and at the master level, you can get quartz pillars and blocks in exchange for emeralds.”

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Fletchers, found in villages with fletching tables, trade arrow components for arrows, bows, and crossbows, as well as enchanted versions. Master fletchers can also provide tipped arrows, which apply potion effects when hitting a player or mob.

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Cartographers, found at the cartography table, can help players find hidden treasures and mansions. They sell ocean and woodland explorer maps, banners, and item frames. Novice cartographers can trade papers for emeralds or sell empty maps for seven emeralds. The cartography table can also be used to lock, clone, and zoom out maps.

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Toolsmiths, found near smithing tables in village houses, sell enchanted mining and gathering equipment such as shovels, picks, axes, and hoes. They can also trade emeralds for stone items or enchanted gear, or sell coal for emeralds.

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The librarian, found at a lectern, offers clocks, lanterns, compasses, name tags, glass, and bookshelves for emeralds. They also sell enchanted books, which can be traded for an ink sac at the journeyman level or exchanged for a glass and an emerald.

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Fishermen at the barrel in the village offer cooked or raw fish, a bucket of cod for an emerald, and an enchanted fishing rod. They also sell campfires for emeralds and use the barrel as storage, similar to a chest.

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Shepherds, found at the loom, offer shears and painted wool for emeralds, dyes, or wool. They also sell any color bed and colored carpets at higher levels. The loom is useful for drawing patterns on banners, and many players value it more than the shepherd for its painting abilities.

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Leatherworkers, found at the cauldron, sell leather armor and offer horse saddles and leather caps for emeralds at the master level. Novices can trade leather for an emerald. The cauldron can hold water, snow, or lava, as well as dyed water and potions, and can collect rainwater in landlocked villages.

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Unemployed villagers will not perform any tasks until they are assigned a job. Baby villagers grow into unemployed villagers and will stay that way until they find a job site block, which you can craft and place in front of them. If you break a job site block, an employed villager will become unemployed, but you can use this to reassign the villager to a different job.

Unemployed Villager in Minecraft


Nitwits in Minecraft are not useful as they cannot be traded or assigned a job. They should not be confused with unemployed villagers, who can be given a job. Nitwits were included in the game as a reminder of the aesthetic value of the Minecraft world for many players.

Nitwit Villager in Minecraft


How to make all the villagers in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, you can create new villagers using the /summon command or by using a spawn egg.

Here is a general guide for creating new villagers in Minecraft:

  1. Open the chat window: Press the T key on your keyboard to open the chat window.
  2. Type the /summon command: Type /summon villager in the chat window to create a new villager. You can also specify a specific type of villager by using the professions tag, such as /summon villager ~ ~ ~ {Profession:3} to create a farmer villager.
  3. Press enter: Press enter to send the command and create the new villager.

Alternatively, you can use a spawn egg to create a new villager. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Find a spawn egg: You can obtain a villager spawn egg by using the /give command or by trading with a village librarian.
  2. Select the spawn egg: Put the spawn egg in your hand and select it in your hotbar.
  3. Use the spawn egg: Right-click on the ground to use the spawn egg and create a new villager.

You can only create new villagers if you are in creative mode. In survival mode, you will need to find a village and trade with the villagers to obtain new villagers.

What are baby Villagers attracted to in Minecraft?

Baby villagers are attracted to certain items, such as food, toys, and blocks with certain patterns.

Some specific items that baby villagers are attracted to include:

  • Wheat
  • Popped chorus fruit
  • Bricks with patterns
  • Toys
  • Flowers

To attract a baby villager in Minecraft, simply hold or use one of these items near the baby villager. The baby villager will follow the player and can be led to a new village or to a specific location within the village. Keep in mind that baby villagers can also be scared by certain items or actions, such as weapons or loud noises, so it is important to be gentle and approach them carefully.

How do you heal villagers in Minecraft?

To heal a villager in Minecraft, you will need to use a potion of weakness and a golden apple.

Here is a step-by-step guide for healing a villager:

  1. Craft a potion of weakness: To make a potion of weakness, you will need a brewing stand, a blaze rod, and some cobblestone. Place the cobblestone in the bottom slot and the blaze rod in the top slot of the brewing stand to create an Awkward Potion. Then, add a fermented spider eye to the Awkward Potion to create a Potion of Weakness.
  2. Find a golden apple: Golden apples can be found in treasure chests in dungeons, abandoned mineshafts, and strongholds, or they can be crafted using eight gold ingots and an apple.
  3. Give the potion of weakness to the villager: Hold the potion of weakness in your hand and right-click on the villager to give it to them. The potion will take effect immediately, and the villager will become weak.
  4. Give the golden apple to the villager: Hold the golden apple in your hand and right-click on the villager to give it to them. The golden apple will restore the villager’s health, and they will be healed.

You can only heal a villager if they are willing, which means that they must be standing in a village and not in a minecart or on a lead. You can check if a villager is willing by right-clicking on them and looking for the green “willing” text above their head. If the text is red and says “unwilling,” you will need to find a way to make the villager willing before you can heal them.

How to train villagers to fight in Minecraft?

Villagers cannot be directly trained to fight, but there are ways to make them more resistant to attacks and better able to defend themselves.

Here are a few tips for helping villagers to fight in Minecraft:

  1. Give them armor: Villagers cannot wear armor themselves, but you can give them armor to hold by right-clicking on them with the armor in your hand. The armor will not provide any protection to the villagers, but it will make them less vulnerable to attacks.
  2. Build a fence around the village: A fence will block mobs from entering the village and attacking the villagers. You can use any type of fence, such as wood, cobblestone, or iron.
  3. Set up a mob grinder: A mob grinder is a contraption that is used to kill mobs in a controlled and efficient manner. You can build a mob grinder near the village to kill mobs before they can attack the villagers.
  4. Use a golem: Iron golems are powerful mobs that can defend villagers from other mobs. You can build an iron golem by placing a pumpkin on top of two iron blocks, forming a T-shape. The iron golem will protect the village from mobs and can be healed with iron ingots.

Keep in mind that villagers will still be vulnerable to attacks from mobs, especially if they are not protected by fences or golems. You will need to be vigilant and ready to defend the village if necessary.

How do I assign a job to a villager in Minecraft?

To assign a job to a villager in Minecraft:

  1. Obtain the corresponding profession badge.
  2. Right-click on the villager with the badge.
  3. The villager will take on the profession associated with the badge.

How do I trade with villagers in Minecraft?

To trade with villagers in Minecraft, you will need to have the appropriate trade materials in your inventory. When you approach a villager, a trading interface will appear. From here, you can select the items you want to trade and the items you want to receive in return.

Do the Minecraft jobs in Bedrock Edition and Minecraft Java Edition match?

Minecraft villager jobs are the same in both Bedrock and Java editions.

How do Minecraft villagers get their jobs?

They are assigned based on the utility block nearby.

Can villagers change jobs in Minecraft?

Yes, villagers can change jobs in Minecraft. To change a villager’s job, you can simply right-click on the villager with a different profession badge. The villager will then take on the new profession associated with that badge.

Can I breed villagers in Minecraft?

Yes, you can breed villagers in Minecraft by providing them with the appropriate breeding items. To breed villagers, you will need to give each of them a food item, such as bread or carrots. When two villagers are holding these items, they will breed and create a baby villager.

What happens if a village is abandoned in Minecraft?

If a village is abandoned in Minecraft, it means that there are no villagers left in the village. Villagers may leave a village if there are not enough houses or resources for them, or if they are attacked by mobs. An abandoned village will slowly degrade over time, with structures and farms breaking down and becoming unusable.