You can’t miss Summoners War Chronicles, the new game by Com2uS that has been a huge success since its launch a few days ago. If you’ve started your adventure, we offer you our tier list of 5-star monsters!

How to get a 5-star monster for free?

First, let’s remind you that it’s possible to easily and freely obtain a 5-star monster in Summoners War Chronicles! To do this, you’ll need to use a special summoning available to all players, the Selective Summon.

Through this summoning, you’ll have the chance to get a character with a minimum rarity of 4 stars. However, it’s entirely possible to reroll for a 5-star monster. We’ve covered everything you need to know about rerolling in our reroll guide.

Once you know this, the question is which 5-star character to aim for during this summoning. To help you, we present our 5-star monster tier list, which shows the best options!

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The best 5-star monsters right now

Let’s start by discussing the best 5-star monsters at the moment, excluding those with the darkness or light element. Why exclude them? Because it’s impossible to obtain a character of these two types through the famous summoning mentioned earlier.

However, don’t worry, there’s still a wide range of characters to choose from. Here’s a list of some of them:

  • Desert Queen (Fire/Water)
  • Magic Swordsman (Wind)
  • Vampire (Wind)
  • Ifrit (Water/Fire)
  • Celestial Dancer (Wind)

If you have the chance to get a 5-star monster outside the Selective Summon banner, you can choose characters with darkness and light elements. Again, we present the list of the best ones at the moment.

  • Panda Warrior (Light)
  • Monkey King (Light)
  • Ifrit (Light)
  • Desert Queen (Light)
  • Chimera (Light/Darkness)

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Viable Alternatives

Besides the characters we’ve just introduced, it’s also possible to choose 5-star monsters that may be slightly less powerful on paper but are still viable. These are commonly referred to as Tier A.

So, we offer you a list of 5-star creatures that fall into this category and have the advantage of being less likely to be nerfed in upcoming Summoners War Chronicles updates!

  • Ifrit (Darkness)
  • Desert Queen (Darkness)
  • Occult Girl (Light)
  • Taoist Immortal (Light/Darkness)
  • Archangel (Light/Fire)
  • Monkey King (Wind/Fire)
  • Panda Warrior (Fire/Wind)