There are many people who love watching anime series and movies, but most of them may not have the resources to follow their favorite shows. This leads them to websites and apps that they download on their smart devices via the internet.

While some of these may be effective and useful, most do not meet the requirements of users well. For example, you may find a site that displays anime on a very heavy server or has many annoying ads. To help you, we have provided the top 10 apps to watch anime with subtitles and without ads in 2023. Most of these apps do not have annoying ads, ensuring a better viewing experience.

1. Crunchyroll (Android)

Crunchyroll is often recommended as the best app for watching animated shows. It is one of the most popular apps for streaming all types of animations for Android phones. With millions of downloads on the Google Play Store, the app has the largest anime library for you to enjoy. It has more than 250,000 episodes of the greatest anime series you can know. If watching isn’t enough for you, the app also has a great feature where you can read your favorite manga through this app.

2. Funimation

Funimation is another app that also has a box full of subbed anime movies and series that come with translation and dubbing features. This app has impressed users because it has the fastest loading time when it comes to dubbing.

3. AnimeLab

AnimeLab is an app launched in New Zealand and Australia. This app includes a huge number of episodes and the best anime movies.


HIDIVE is a free cartoon app that has hundreds of thousands of episodes, and perhaps millions of movies and TV shows that are shown in Japan.

5. VRV

VRV is one of the best apps for watching anime. It was recently launched in download stores, but it has already gained wide popularity because it is an amazing anime app.

6. Kitsu

With Kitsu, you can enjoy watching the biggest anime productions of your favorite animated series and movies without going to other sites.

7. YouTube

Most people around the world know about YouTube. Unfortunately, many anime fans may not realize that YouTube is the best anime program 2021 and is one of the largest platforms for watching episodes quickly and legally.

8. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is another great video watching app that you can get by subscribing to one of the plans, and it offers a large list of TV series and movies in various genres for all users.

9. Mubi

Mubi first appeared in 2007 as a social place for movie lovers. In 2010, it transitioned to work as an online streaming service.

10. Tubi

Tubi is a free viewing app that essentially displays a collection of movies, TV shows, and popular episodes on the internet. This app also comes with a huge anime viewing list.

11. Anime Slayer (iOS)

Anime Slayer is one of the best Arabic apps ever that you can use to watch anime episodes. This app has a huge library that includes a large variety of anime series and movies.