TeamViewer has become one of the most widely used programs after the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the reasons for its popularity is its small size, minimal internet usage, and simplicity. Initially designed as a program to connect and control different computer systems remotely, TeamViewer has evolved, allowing users to play games on connected systems.

Playing Games with TeamViewer

It is indeed possible to play games using TeamViewer on a different computer system. However, certain conditions must be met for a seamless experience:

  1. You need to have the TeamViewer Pro version to achieve high-performance gaming.
  2. Both the remote computer and your computer must have strong internet connections, as the connection speed affects the quality of using TeamViewer.

Requirements for Gaming with TeamViewer

If your goal is to play games using TeamViewer, as mentioned above, you need a robust internet connection. If your internet connection is slow, don’t worry; you can still connect to the remote computer system and play games using that computer.

However, due to the slow connection, you may experience delays when controlling the computer or during gameplay. To avoid these delays, it’s crucial to have a strong internet connection.

Alternative Solution for Remote Gaming

If you want to play games using the performance of different computer systems, I recommend trying the GeForce Now platform by Nvidia. This platform allows you to connect your personal computer to systems with RTX graphics cards and play high-performance games.

However, a side note: a strong internet connection is also required for GeForce Now; otherwise, you may experience freezing, stuttering, or delays in gameplay.


What are the requirements to play games with TeamViewer?

You need the TeamViewer Pro version and a strong internet connection for both your computer and the remote computer.

Are there any alternatives for remote gaming besides TeamViewer?

Yes, Nvidia’s GeForce Now platform is an alternative for remote gaming that allows you to play high-performance games on different computer systems.

Do I need a strong internet connection for remote gaming?

Yes, a strong internet connection is crucial for remote gaming to avoid delays, freezing, and stuttering during gameplay.