Since its creation in January 2016, personalities and companies have used the Facebook Live broadcast to communicate with their audience and obtain new customers or followers. This leads many users to wonder if they can see who watched their Facebook Live videos.

Quick Answer: In general, you can only see who is watching your Facebook Live videos during the live session. After the session ends, you can see how many people watched the video, but you won’t be able to see their names.

That being said, let’s get to the heart of the matter. Below is an overview of how you can see who has watched your Facebook Live videos. So stay tuned to get started.

What is Facebook Live?

Facebook Live is a feature that allows users to broadcast live videos to their Facebook friends. Live video broadcasters can use this content to engage their audience during important moments and events. Live streaming can help you raise awareness of your business and build relationships with your viewers by providing real-time participation.

Users can live stream directly on social media platform through this feature. During the broadcast, viewers can react, share and comment. The video is also saved and posted to the page or profile for later viewing.

Many influencers are excited about Facebook Live because it’s a fun and relatively easy way to harness the power of video to express their activities and develop meaningful interactions with their fans and the people who serve them. follow in real time.

How to know who watched your Facebook Live?

You can see who is watching your Facebook Live video and interacting with you while you are live. If viewers are on your Facebook friends list, you’ll be notified when they watch your video.

Good to know: Since its launch, Facebook Live has been used by many influencers around the world to engage users in hopes of gaining notoriety and advertising for businesses. However, you can only see people who view your video during the live broadcast. Once the broadcast is over, you will no longer be able to do so, but you will be able to see the number of viewers.

Can you find out who watched your live stream on Facebook after it ended?

If everything seems simple during the Facebook Live video, the complications start once the video is over. What happens after the video is finished, even if you can share it to watch and interact with others? Is it possible to find out who watched your Facebook Live after it’s finished?

Once the live broadcast is over, you cannot know who watched your Facebook Live video. However, you will only be able to see numbers and statistics, not specific names, such as the number of video views, watch time, viewer origin, age, gender, etc.

There is no way to know who viewed your video, unless you have an outstanding memory and remember everyone who watched the live streamed video, or you have a team servants who write down the names of the spectators.

However, if you really want to know the names of many viewers after the broadcast ends, plan to involve them. Encourage them to comment on and participate in the video, ask them questions, solicit their opinions, or ask them to make suggestions.


Facebook Live videos are subject to a number of rules. While streaming, you can see who is watching your Facebook Live videos. After the live session is over, you can see how many people watched the video, but you can’t see their names.

As a workaround, invite your audience to connect with you throughout the broadcast and write comments on your video.


How can I watch someone’s Facebook Live video?

Just as you appreciate people visiting your Facebook Live videos, you would also like to watch someone else’s Facebook Live videos to keep having fun. To get started, in your News Feed, click Look Left. Then click Live below. Look left, and you’re done.

What does the Facebook live eye mean?

The green eye indicates that these people are already seeing the live video, while the others are not seeing it. Now you can start a chat with people who aren’t watching the video, connecting them directly to the stream, increasing exposure of live content and allowing users to interact in a more personal and intimate way.

How can I know who viewed my Facebook page?

If you ask the question to Facebook, it will answer you categorically: “No, Facebook does not allow you to know who consults your FB profile”. Note that third-party apps cannot provide this functionality. If you see an app claiming to have this feature, please report it.

Is it possible to know how many times my Facebook story has been viewed?

You can check the number of times your story has been viewed. However, you can’t find out who watched it multiple times and who watched it only once, just like Instagram stories.