Have you ever been in the virtual world of Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) and wondered just how many minutes a day in the game is? Well, wonder no more – we have the answer.

The Breakdown

To answer the question of how long a GTA 5 day lasts, we need to look at the game’s day and night cycle. In GTA 5, the day lasts 48 minutes and the night 24, so a GTA 5 day is 72 minutes long.

Calculating the Time

Creating an approximation of the length of a day in GTA 5 is not hard. To do this, divide the amount of real-world minutes it takes a day in the game to pass, by the amount of real-world hours in a day, and the result is how many minutes a day in GTA 5 lasts.

More than Just Time

Although a GTA 5 day may only be 72 minutes long, it seems to take forever when you are in the game, as there are so many places to explore and things to do! From car chases and gunfights to stunts and missions, there’s always something to keep you occupied. Plus, different incidents have different chances of occurring during the day, so no day is the same and they all have something different to offer – which is one of the game’s great appeals.

Extending Your Time

Although the game’s day-night cycle has the day and night each lasting a set amount of time, there are ways you can extend the time they last. For instance, you can use time acceleration cheats which allow you to speed up time in the game, or you can explore the game’s different cheats and mods to alter the amount of real-world minutes it takes for a day or night to pass.

Don’t Waste Your Time!

So, now you know exactly how long a GTA 5 day is – 72 minutes. This means that whether you want to master a mission or just tool around exploring, there’s no time to waste, so get gaming and start enjoying those precious 72 minutes!


How long is a day in GTA 5?

A day in GTA 5 lasts 48 in-game minutes, or 2 real-life hours.

What is the day and night cycle in GTA 5?

In GTA 5, the day and night cycle lasts 48 minutes in real time. During the day, the time is between 6am and 8pm, while night time is between 8pm and 6am. In daytime, the sun is shining and some of the pedestrians are slightly happier. At night, it is darker and there are fewer pedestrians around.

What are the day and night cycles in GTA 5?

The day and night cycle in GTA 5 is 24 hours long, and the time of day in the game changes with real-world time. The time of day does not automatically match the player’s local time, but rather follows a path between two set locations around San Andreas. At any given moment, day and night may last anywhere from 6AM to 6PM, depending on the current location of the game’s internal clock.

What time is day and night in GTA 5?

There is no set time period for day and night in GTA 5. The game follows a 24 hour cycle and changes the time of day depending on when the player is playing. The time of day may range from 6AM to 6PM.

What time is sunrise and sunset in GTA 5?

Sunrise in GTA 5 usually occurs between 6:00am – 6:45am, and sunset occurs around 6:15pm – 8:00pm depending on which region of the map you are in.

How many minutes is a GTA 5 day?

A GTA 5 day consists of 48 real-time minutes.

How does the time in GTA 5 compare to real-time?

The time in GTA 5 is accelerated, with 48 minutes equaling one day in real-time.

What factors affect the length of a GTA 5 day?

The length of a GTA 5 day is not affected by any external factors. It always consists of 48 minutes real time.

Are there any measures that can be taken to increase the length of a GTA 5 day?

While there is no way to directly increase the length of a GTA 5 day, there are some measures that can be taken to make it seem as if days last a bit longer. First, you can reduce the game’s time cycle speed by adjusting the “time multiplier” setting within the game’s settings menu.

Reducing this value will cause the days to appear to take longer. Alternatively, you can also use cheats and mods to slow down time, or you can use a mod called “Extended Day Length” which will increase the default day length. Lastly, you can install a mod that will make the time of day cycle more rapidly than the default speed, making it appear as if the days last much longer.

Do the NPCs in the game follow a day-night cycle?

Yes. During the day, the NPCs tend to move about the space and interact with the environment, while at night, they become inactive and go to sleep.

Does the time of day in GTA 5 affect certain activities?

Yes, the time of day affects certain activities in GTA 5. In some missions and activities, the time of day may affect the outcome. For example, certain stores may only be accessible at certain times and police presence may be higher at night. Additionally, certain events such as street races may occur at specific times of the day.