Ah, Coin Master. It’s a game that captures the imaginations of gamers everywhere! But if you’re new to the game, here’s a guide to getting to Village 4.

First things first, you need to get your hands on some coins. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to do that. You can spin the slot machine and win coins, purchase coins with real-world money, and earn coins by completing events within the game. So get those coins!

Once you’ve racked up enough coins, you’re ready to take on Village 4. You’ll need to upgrade each building in Village 3 in preparation. As you upgrade them, you’ll get to watch your Village come alive, and you’ll be collecting XP while you’re at it.

It’s not gonna be easy, though. Since villages get more challenging with each upgrade, you may hit a wall at some point. But don’t worry – the trick is to use your coins wisely. You can use coins to buy chests and get collectibles, like Spins and Pet XP. With enough Spins, you can’t go wrong. Plus, make sure to check out Pet XP boosts as well as sudden attack bonuses that can save you coins.

Once you’ve mastered Village 3, it’s time for the big jump to Village 4. It’s a difficult jump, with lots of coins needed, so make sure you have enough to get over the hump. And it’s not just coins – you’ve gotta be strategic, too. Aim for the buildings with maximum XP per coin, and don’t forget to use your Pet bonuses and attack bonuses!

Racking up the coins isn’t always easy, but before you know it, you’ll be in Village 4 and ready for the new challenge! You’ve worked hard to get here and it will all be worth it in the end – trust us. So keep your eyes on the prize and use those coins to get to the next level! Good luck!

Are there any special rewards for reaching village 4 in Coin Master?

No, there are no special rewards for reaching Village 4 in Coin Master. However, when you reach this level, you will be able to access more exciting levels, games and rewards. As you progress through the game and gain more experience, you can unlock exclusive rewards and bonuses.

Can other players join the game when someone is playing village 4 in Coin Master?

Yes. Other players can join a game when another village is being played in Coin Master. However, they will have to join the same server to be able to fully interact and play with others.

What is the shortest route to reach village 4 in Coin Master?

The shortest route to reach village 4 in Coin Master is to first reach Village 1, then complete the five available tasks in order to progress to Villages 2 and 3, and then complete the five task to reach Village 4.