WhatsApp allows users to add pictures and set them as profile photos. When you send a message to someone on WhatsApp, you will notice their profile picture at the top of their profile details.

While it’s possible to hide your WhatsApp profile picture, many prefer to let their contacts engage with their profile photo. So, when you encounter a profile photo that appeals to you, how can you save it?

Why Save Someone’s Profile Picture?

People are creative, and they express this through their WhatsApp profile pictures. When you sign up for WhatsApp, you’re invited to add a profile picture. Moreover, you can change the profile photo from your WhatsApp at any time.

You can set any image as a profile picture, provided you crop it to fit the required dimensions. When you view your WhatsApp contacts, you might encounter an attractive picture and wish to save it to your phone. This could be a picture of your crush or a random yet creative photo.

Furthermore, there is no harm in obtaining someone’s profile picture, as long as you don’t violate any copyright or privacy issues.

How to Save Someone’s WhatsApp Profile Picture

WhatsApp once had a feature that allowed people to save each other’s profile photos using the sharing function. You could forward someone’s profile photo after viewing it. All you needed to do was press that person’s profile picture, and the sharing icon would appear.

Times have changed, and WhatsApp has removed this feature to enhance people’s privacy. When you view someone’s profile picture, you have no option to save it; all you can do is capture their profile picture. However, when you access your WhatsApp on the browser, you have a straightforward way to get someone’s profile picture.

Try these two ways to obtain someone’s WhatsApp profile picture.

On Mobile

When you have WhatsApp on your Android or iPhone, you can use the screenshot option to get someone’s profile picture.

  1. Open your WhatsApp app.
  2. Locate your chat with the person whose profile photo you wish to save and open it. You can also open your WhatsApp contact and find the target person.
  3. Once in the chat window, tap on the profile picture to open their profile page.
  4. Click on the picture again to get a clear view.
  5. Capture a screenshot of the profile picture on your phone.

Once you’ve captured your screenshot on your Android or iPhone, you can open your phone’s gallery and locate the captured screenshot.

On the Browser

  1. Visit WhatsApp Web and log in by scanning the QR code.
  2. Once logged in, locate the target person and open their profile picture by clicking on it.
  3. Right-click on their profile and select the “Save image as” option.
  4. Choose a folder and name the image.
  5. Finally, click “Save.”


With WhatsApp, you can obtain someone’s profile picture by taking a screenshot when you view the profile picture on your phone. Alternatively, you can save the profile picture when viewing it from WhatsApp Web.