Instagram is full of influencers and celebrities. But all of these public figures need a way to talk to their friends and followers on Instagram. This is where Instagram Live comes in. Live features are also available for private profiles. You may also want to interact with your friends and idols. But how do you see who’s live on Instagram?

Quick answer: There is an easy way to find out who is live on Instagram. You’ll see the person’s profile at the start of the stories section when someone from your followers is live. A “Live” label is written on the person’s profile. You can also see other people (that you don’t follow) live on Instagram. You need to search, browse and explore IGTV news.

Instagram offers many features that allow you to apply filters and effects and even invite your friends. So the next time your friends are streaming a live show on Instagram, ask them to add you! Before that, you can see who’s live on Instagram with our guide!

In this article, we have presented step by step instructions for you to experience Instagram Live. Scroll down to learn how to view, search and explore Instagram Lives.

What are the components of Instagram Live?

Instagram Live allows hosts to communicate with viewers in real time. If your account is private, your followers can only see your Live. On the other hand, if you have a public account, anyone on Instagram can participate in your Instagram Live.

Instagram Live viewers can send a request to join the Live. They can also like and comment on your Live. This is how Instagram Live holders can respond to your live comments. The new Instagram Live updates even allow the user to practice, set a timer and add a “headline” to IGTV Live.

How to go live on Instagram: Go to your Instagram homepage -> Your story -> Live. You will get the option at the bottom of the screen. Click it to go live. You can add up to three friends and fans to your Instagram Live.

Ways to see who is live on Instagram

There are two very easy ways to see who is live among your followers and overall on Instagram. We’ve included these tested methods to help you navigate and see who’s live on all Instagram accounts.

Method #1: How to see who is live on Instagram among your followers?

This method will teach you how to see if someone is live or not. There are two things you may need to check when someone you follow goes Live. Here’s what to do!

  1. Check your notification bar (you are likely to receive a notification when the people you follow go live).
  2. Go to Instagram and check out your Story section.
  3. You will see if someone is live at the start of Stories.
  4. There will be a “LIVE” title with his profile picture.

This is how you can catch your cast or love friends when they start live. If you missed an Instagram Live, you may need to follow other ways.

What are IGTVs: IGTV is actually Instagram TV. Videos from 1 to 15 minutes (from phone) and up to 60 minutes (from computer) can be uploaded to IGTV. Therefore, if lives are saved by live drivers, they are uploaded as part of IGTV.

Method #2: How to See Who’s Live on Instagram Through the App

In this method, we’ll teach you what to look for, how to see, and how to explore Instagram Lives.

Here’s what you need to know if you want to see who’s live on Instagram in general.

  1. Go to Instagram -> Explore -> Search bar.
  2. Search for “igtv”, “live” or “Livestream”.
  3. See all search results.
  4. Browse to find videos longer than one minute.
  5. There will be a “username was live” tag.
  6. Tap on Live and swipe up.
  7. You will also get other relevant Lives.

This is how you can easily explore the Instagram Lives of others and your followers. You can also enjoy snippets and entire Live sessions from your followers and other public figures.


How to upload an IGTV video on Instagram?

Go to Instagram -> plus icon -> Add message. You can download IGTV the same way you usually do to post on Instagram. Simply choose a video to add to your IGTV section.

How to know who is live on Instagram without following him?

Search for his username in the search bar. Open their profile and tap on it. The “LIVE” tag will also display with their profile picture if they are live.

In Summary

We have shared two ways to help you see who is live on Instagram for you. All you have to do is make a plan with your friends and come live to satisfy your two followers. You can also join a public figure’s “Live Instagram”, and the broadcast is saved. So there is no need to wait. Go ahead and find out how to see who is live on Instagram.