Doctors’ salaries in the private sector in Saudi Arabia vary based on the experience the doctor possesses, in addition to a range of other factors related to the doctor’s nationality, whether they are from another country or a Saudi citizen. Medical professions are considered to be among the most prestigious professions in society. Therefore, today we will discuss on the GoStart.Biz website all the specific aspects of a doctor’s salary within the Kingdom.

Doctors’ salaries in the private sector

The medical profession, in all its specialties, is considered to be a highly esteemed profession in various countries, which has elevated the doctor’s status in society. sector in Saudi Arabia varies based on their level of experience and specialization. The private sector, including hospitals and private institutions, offers distinctive and high-quality services. As a result, efforts have been made to attract doctors of all specializations by offering appropriate and higher salaries compared to those provided in government institutions and hospitals.

However, these salaries may differ relatively within the same institution for doctors within the same specialization, depending on their years of experience. The average salaries of doctors in the private sector in Saudi Arabia are as follows: Doctors’ salaries in Saudi Arabia according to specialization

There are certainly some differences in doctors’ salaries based on specialization, in addition to the experiences that are considered the main factor determining salary averages, whether in government or private institutions. A group of salaries has been identified, with the sector’s salary being 16,000 Saudi riyals.

The basic salary for a doctor is 15,640 Saudi riyals.

The transportation allowance is estimated at 700 Saudi riyals, but there is no full-time allowance.

Doctors working in the private sector receive a residence allowance of 4,166.6 Saudi riyals.

The doctor receives an annual bonus of approximately 495 Saudi riyals.

He has social security coverage worth 1,407 Saudi riyals, equivalent to 9% of the basic salary.

An incentive of 156 riyals was provided, making the total salary for private sector doctors 18,943 riyals. access to the same benefits as Saudi doctors, their average monthly salary ranges from 15,420 to 18,943 Saudi riyals, depending on their specialization. The salary of the Saudi resident doctor

As part of presenting all the information related to the salaries of doctors in the private sector in Saudi Arabia, the salaries of resident doctors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have been monitored. This includes their basic salary, annual bonuses, social insurance, and other details that can be known in detail in each ministry according to the following table:

Salaries of non-Saudi doctors according to their specialties

Due to the increase in inquiries about the salaries of doctors in the private and public sectors in Saudi Arabia by new doctors, we have prepared a table for you. The text explains the salaries of non-Saudis working in public institutions in the healthcare sector, after adding a 15% cost of living allowance, which was recently implemented.

These salaries are divided into medical groups, which include various medical professions at different levels of expertise, whether for developing countries or advanced countries, as shown in the following image.

Comparing the salaries of doctors in the Gulf countries and the world

The salary of Saudi doctors is considered the lowest in the world, as it is lower than their counterparts in Gulf countries, compared to the salary of a doctor in the UAE or the salary of a doctor in Qatar, even with the salary of a Saudi medical professor in the UAE and the salary of a doctor. Saudi in Qatar.

The salaries of Saudi doctors follow the salary scale of accredited healthcare workers and practitioners approved by the Ministry of Civil Service, as well as the salary scales of Saudi doctors working in the civil service, in addition to the salary scales of military health positions.

As for the salaries of foreign doctors in Saudi Arabia, they range from 22,120 riyals for foreign doctors graduating from developing countries to 42,200 riyals for foreign doctors graduating from advanced countries.

How is the general physician’s hourly rate calculated?

The salary of a physician within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is determined based on years of experience, which is used to calculate their pay. During the working hour spent in one of the different public or private institutions and hospitals, the average hourly rate for a general physician in the Kingdom is around 180 Saudi riyals, which amounts to approximately 540 Saudi riyals for the three hours spent working.

There is no specific limit to determine the salaries of doctors in the private sector in Saudi Arabia, as it is one of the things related to the doctor’s experience in their medical specialization.