New research conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety suggests that the allure of increasing maximum speed limits is hard to ignore, but it can also represent an increasing risk. The study concluded that increasing speed limits did not speed up traffic flow and could, in some cases, lead to more accidents.

زيادة الحد الأقصى للسرعة قد يزيد من مخاطر الحوادث على الطريق 1

AAA’s Study

AAA investigated 12 roads in the United States covering a variety of road types and locations. The maximum speed limit increased at 6 of these sites, while it decreased at the remaining six.


The American AAA Foundation found that an increase in the speed limit was linked to more accidents on two highways, while a decrease in the speed limit was associated with fewer accidents in many of the cases studied.

Contrary to expectations, the researchers’ findings about travel times were surprising. AAA claims that whether the speed limit was raised or lowered, the changes in the time it took cars to pass through the route were minimal.

AAA’s Statement

Jennifer Ryan, AAA’s director of government relations, said, “The movement to raise speed limits is happening across the country and in at least eight states this year, but the benefits are not real, as the risks have been trivialized. Increasing speed limits does not always lead to the positive outcomes traffic planners expect.”

In regions where the speed limit was reduced, speed limit violations increased. To counter this, the AAA Foundation recommends that transportation officials utilize better public awareness and education campaigns.

Looking at the world’s highest accident and death rates, there is an urgent need to examine all aspects of car safety.

Although the research does not provide a one-size-fits-all approach, Dr. David Yang, the president of the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, says that “it is essential to consider safety effects when local officials think about making changes to speed limits.”

speed limit 1 Speed Limits in Saudi Arabia and the Implications

Speed Limits on Saudi Roads

Speed limits in Saudi Arabia are as follows:

Road Type Speed Limit (km/hr)
Highways 120
Main roads 100
Secondary roads 80
Residential areas 60
School zones 40

The speed limits may vary in some areas depending on weather conditions or other factors such as roadwork or traffic congestion.

If you exceed the maximum speed limit, you may face a financial penalty or have your driving license seized.