GTA 5 is home to a host of activities, including racing cars, flying planes, and even driving monster trucks. So, you’ve got your monster truck, and now you’re wondering: Well, worry not! From parking it up in garages to taking it off-road and driving around the countryside, there are plenty of great spots for the savvy monster truck driver.


If you’re looking for a safe place to store your monster truck, one of the best solutions is to rent one of the garages in GTA 5. With garages, you can store up to five vehicles, and since monster trucks take up two slots, you’ll still have space to store a few other cars or planes. Garages also provide protection for your vehicles and can be customized to fit your needs.

Off-road adventures

Monster trucks are known for their monster-sized tyres, so it’s only appropriate that you take it off-road and have some fun! There are plenty of great places to explore in GTA 5, whether it’s a session in the mud, driving up a mountain, or just cruising the countryside. Just be sure to watch out for the police, as they don’t take kindly to off-road adventures.


If you want to show off your monster truck and put it’s off-road capabilities to the test, why not enter a race? There are a handful of races in GTA 5, ranging from dirt tracks to high-speed, cross-country courses. So, grab your helmet and get ready to go wheel-to-wheel with the competition!


If you’re feeling creative, you can also customize your monster truck in GTA 5. With a wide range of options, including paint jobs, wheel choices, and performance upgrades, you can make your truck truly unique. Just be sure to keep it legal; after all, you don’t want the police chasing you for having an illegal ride.

So, there you have it: From garages to off-road adventures to races and customization, there are plenty of awesome spots to bring your monster truck. Buckle up and get ready to explore the wild world of GTA 5!

Where can I find monster trucks in GTA 5?

Monster Trucks can be found in the Sandy Shores area in the GTA 5 map. The trucks spawn randomly around the area and can often be seen driving around.

Where can I buy a monster truck in GTA 5?

Unfortunately, you cannot buy a monster truck in GTA 5. However, you can find one randomly parked throughout the open world map. Keep an eye out for the Zombie or The Liberator. They can be found near junkyards and docks.

Where can I find monster trucks in GTA 5 Online?

Monster trucks can be found in the Vehicle section of the in-game store. They can also be found driving around on the roads of Los Santos and can also be purchased from various vendors in the game.

Where can I buy monster trucks in GTA 5 Online?

Monster trucks are not available to buy in GTA 5 Online. However, they can be found randomly throughout the game and sometimes found in the vehicle section at vendors. They can also be constructed using the custom vehicles feature.


Q: Where can I put my monster truck in GTA 5?

  • A: You can park your monster truck in the parking lot behind the car wash located in Sandy Shores.
  • A: You can purchase a large garage in one of the cities and store your monster truck there.
  • A: One of the more secure places to store your monster truck is in a hangar at Los Santos International Airport.
  • A: You can purchase a secure apartment garage located in the center of Los Santos and store your monster truck there.
  • A: You can store your monster truck in your personal hangar located at Fort Zancudo.

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