As the name suggests, an automatic transmission license is exclusively for vehicles with automatic transmissions. However, a new reform came into effect on January 1, 2017, allowing holders of these licenses to drive manual transmission cars of the same category. However, certain conditions must be met.

🔎 What is an Automatic Transmission License?

The automatic transmission license is an endorsement on the regular B category driver’s license, indicated by the restrictive code 78. This indicates that the license holder can only drive cars with automatic transmissions in principle.

Similar to the regular B license, obtaining an automatic transmission license requires passing the written exam on the highway code. Then, practical driving training is provided by an accredited instructor. Finally, the candidate can take the driving tests.

This type of license is accessible to all candidates and offers several advantages, such as reduced cost, easier and shorter process, etc.

Important: The automatic transmission license is also known as the Automatic Transmission (BVA) license or the automatic clutch (B) license.

📍 Where to Go to Obtain an Automatic Transmission License?

To obtain an automatic transmission license, you must go to a driving school. However, make sure that the chosen driving school offers this option as not all driving schools do.

You can search for driving schools near you or explore online resources. Please note that depending on your city of residence, this option may not be available.

⁉️ How Many Hours are Required to Validate an Automatic Transmission License?

The minimum number of hours required for training varies depending on the type of driver’s license. A minimum of 20 hours of training is required for obtaining a regular B license. On the other hand, for an automatic transmission license, a minimum of 13 hours is needed.

💡 How to Convert an Automatic Transmission License to a Manual Transmission License?

Although the training for obtaining an automatic or manual transmission license is similar, there are two main differences: the type of transmission and the minimum duration of training before taking the driving test.

To convert from an automatic transmission license to a regular B license, you will need to complete an additional 7-hour training course at a driving school. This allows you to become familiar with manual transmission and clutch usage. This additional training can only be undertaken three months after obtaining the automatic transmission license.

After completing the additional training, the candidate will receive a certificate, which allows them to drive a manual transmission car without having to retake the driving test. It is important to go to a driving school that is accredited as an “École, conduite, qualité” (School, Driving, Quality) center.

💸 What is the Cost of an Automatic Transmission License?

The cost of obtaining an automatic transmission license is generally lower than that of a regular B license. For the minimum 13 hours of training, you can expect to pay around 700 Euros compared to 1,000 Euros for a manual transmission license. On average, budget at least 1,800 Euros for the overall process of obtaining a regular B license and approximately 2,000 Euros in case of exam failure. If it’s an automatic transmission license, the cost will be reduced by a few hundred dollars.

However, the price may vary depending on the region and the number of hours of training required (as the minimum duration may not always be sufficient). Additionally, consider the cost of the highway code training and exam, as well as the driving test fee.

Good to know: Some driving schools offer package deals that include the highway code training, license fee, and a few hours of driving practice, which can help save costs.

The automatic transmission license allows for a quicker process and financial savings. However, it restricts you from driving cars with manual transmissions. If you wish to convert to a manual transmission license, you can undergo an additional 7-hour training course to familiarize yourself with manual transmissions and clutch usage.